martha stewart episode re-airing on tuesday!
I just got word that the episode that I taped in September on The Martha Stewart Show will re-air this Tuesday March 4th. Check your local listings for air times! If you miss the show you can always watch it online, here is a link to it.

The Martha Stewart web site now allows comments and video ratings! Good ratings are always appreciated and maybe if I get enough I'll be able to go back and tape another show (fingers crossed)!!

have a great weekend!!!

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Hello Claudine,

I have watched the show and you were awesome! You are a natural on TV and I really hope you do more. Hopefully live, it's more fun!
*Rating is 10 for you!!!

I'm in college to be an elementary art teacher & i hope to make these with my students one day!
Good Morning Claudine!
Oh! I am so excited I was able to see your episode on Martha Stewart. I am going to make a poppet today. I also have both of your books on the way.
Thank you for sharing your passion and talent!
Congratulations on it being aired again! I still have it saved on my dvr from the first time!

I'm so proud of you! :-) and thanks for the comment. today would be a good spa day, no?
Great to look up from my desk and see my daughter on TV with Martha again....
How exciting! You were great. I love the gift you gave her at the end of the segment... Cute little Donkies!
this is a great episode!! and woah im so proud of you! if i had seen this on my telly then i would have screamed at home i know her! i know her! she visits my blog! lol..

Congratulations Claudine, you were fantastic, and a natural for the TV screen. it looks like you had fun, though I bet you must have been a little nervous! I hope your books sell out on Amazon! Kudos!
thats awesome claudine! i'm so proud :) Great great!!! so happy for you! take care.
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