illustration friday: garden
Here's my submission for this weeks' Illustration Friday theme of "garden"

(click image to enlarge)

I have posted this image before, but it was just used as cover art for Strut Magazine for Women so I thought that warranted another post! Here are some scans of the Strut Magazine cover art + artist bio they printed. Thanks to Cheryl for the scans!
I am finishing up book #3 this weekend so no time for new art. boo! See you later!!

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You've done it again! Your stuff cracks me up!
Book#3? Congratulations!!
Hi Claudine, thanks for commenting on my IF post. YOUR work is very inspiring. You are so creative and share your love of art with so many people while maintaining your own unique style! I'm definitely going to try and make one of those bendy people.
Hi! It's so wonderful that you share all of your success with your blogger buddies! It is so nice to see that your work is really out there.
lovely lovely! Who cares if you've posted it before...I dont!
I like your work and your style - very fun!
Very nice, and I'm still so proud of you for being on Martha!!
I love it! I'll have to check out "Strut." I'm so happy to see you and your work popping up all over!
Hi Claudine! You’ve been “tagged”! It’s fun! But if you don’t want to play, that’s ok! 1. Link to the tagger! 2. Share 7 random or wierd facts about yourself on your blog. 3. Tag 7 people, post their names and links to their blogs on your blog. 4. Tell the 7 people you tagged by posting “Tag you’re it” on their blogs in their comments box and explain the “rules” to them. Nobody’s obligated! Just have fun!
I just picked up the Strut a couple days ago and thought maybe someone was copying your work. I was glad to see it was yours and used with permission!
Oh Claudine I have missed your art! This one is my all time favorite! Simply marvelous!!
very nice collage, like usual.
I really love this collage. I've looked at it three or four times and I have caught myself smiling each time. Great work!
she looks so happy...nice work Claudine...

This is such a fun illustration for spring, I love the pink watering can. I watched your video with Martha and love how you showed the process of making your sitting pretty people. The video was great and you should be very proud, well done! Oh, and you could tell Martha loved the donkeys!
Beautiful!! I love her smile. I love your style!
Oh, I only wish for a nice balmy springlike day you picture here!
and Congratulations on your cover for Strut! [Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!]
what a very happy garden collage....perfect, perfect !!!
This is so fabulous, I love the colors and collage elements...and congrats for being on DIY and Martha and all that!!! You are amazing!
so perfect and fun...
Hi Claudine,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I just adore your work and style, you create such wonderful characters and there's always such a sense of fun to them. Congrats on all your fabulous successes!

x. Honor
Claudine, you have such wonderful talent. I love this post for "Garden". Best wishes to you and all your successful endeavors!
I had to chuckle thinking about how you probably hear from people all the time, "Hey, that looks like my aunt Jean", or " Is that my mom in your art?" !! This one looks a young version of my sweet grandma Thelma!! I love this...
love her little apron! great piece!
Hi Claudine!
Congratulations! You are amazing and very inspiring!
I cannot wait to see your new book!
:) Melissa
ohh nice mixed media.. it really goes well with the mag cover too..
Sweet! Your gals always look so blissful! If I have to come back as an illustration, I want it to be in your world:>
She looks like my sis. Now I want to find the magazine... Your work always makes me smile and giggle sometimes too!
Thanks for all you do to make this world a happy place for so many of us. :)
Can't wait for #3 to add to my collection.

love this!

Congratulations Claudine :-)
Love your garden illustration.
I love this image! It's so NY, and the design is great, too! Great as usual.
Your work is so fresh! love it!
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