busy busy!
I've been super busy here the last couple days, working on custom artwork orders and also finishing up book #3! The deadline is here so I am working away dotting all my i's and crossing my t's.

Is everyone ready for the Project Runway finale!? Who do you think it will be? I think Christian will win, but I would love it if Rami won!

More later!


Isn't Christian such a talent?? And what a personality on him, too. Somehow, he manages to be egoey AND charming at the same time. :)

Rami really did stretch himself for the Bryant Park collection. His stuff is way more interesting and varied than I was expecting. Still, some of it is stiff and constumey. But, oh well, you know, I am not the clientele, so... ;)
Hi Claudine,

Book #3! Can't wait. I have the other two and looking forward to see what else you have up your sleeve.

You have a great presence on these craft shows.

Thank you for all your inspiration.
and thank you for your visit and kind words.

Best- Andrea
sssssssssssssooooooooooooo excited for finale!!!
yep, I think Christian will win, but I REALLY like Jillian's collection. It is not as edgie as Christians, and I think would be more appealing to a greater number of people. Looking forward to the big night!! (but sad that I will have to wait a long time for the next season to start).
I think Christian too but I would prefer Jillian as I love her things and I think Christian is rude and arrogant.
smiles, Andra
I like Jillian's's very refined. They are all three talented...Kathy said it best about Christian, I agree. We will find out who the winner will be this week..yeah!!
Hi Claudine!
I wanted to thank you for the book recommendation, I'd Rather Be in the Studio. Thank you for the great resource.
:) Melissa
I am partial to Jillian - go girl power -- but it's definitely going to be Christian.
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