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I am looking forward to tonight's episode of Project Runway. Who do you think it will be -- Rami or Chris???

Part of me thinks it could be Rami as the winner to go to the final 3. But then then if he comes up with his normal style of (beautiful and amazing!!!) dresses the judges will say that is predicable and boring.

I am a fan of both Chris and Rami so I will be sad to see either one of them go. I think it's going to be a great episode!!!

SPOILER ALERT: see the final collections (including Sweet Pea's) on here!

EDITED 12:15am
I am glad Rami is in but now I feel sad for Chris!

Sweet pea is in the collection because Fashion week was at the time when she was still on the show -- so she had to do a whole collection and appear at fashion week so no one would figure it out.


Yeah, I can't decide either. Rami is so marketable but Chris will put on a great show! I'm torn! (Pun intended!)
Hi Claudine, I have an award for you on my blog...thanks for the never-ending inspiration !!
I'm a PR fan too, but i can't figure out why sweetpea has a collection- what did I miss? I'll have to go check out the link you gave for the sneak peeks. mnhyrkas at yahoo d-t com
I love your work and it brings a smile to my face everytime I see your custom artwork.
Does Sweet Pea come back w/ Chris? Rather confusing...
sweet pea is in the collection because Fashion week was at the time when she was still on the show -- so she had to do a whole collection and appear at fashion week so no one would figure it out.

I am glad Rami is in but now I feel sad for Chris!
Hey Claudine! Thanks for the link. I loved checking out all the collections. I was rooting for Chris, especially after I saw the outfits. Loved the fashions he made much better than Rami's (although the human hair looked really cool, it was a bit creepy to me, but I know that was the look he was going for sortof). I also thought it was intersting that the outfit of Rami's that the judges liked the best was the one I hated. Go figure. I really liked Sweet P's collection, but I think my favorite is Jillian's. So interesting and yet neat and beautiful. I think Christian will probably win, but some of the things he is showing are a bit over the edge for me. Looking forward to the finale!!!
I totally just checked out the spoiler! Doesn't matter, I'll still want to see the people working on their collections at their home! I was a little disappointed by Jillian's collection...loved Rami's I think he maybe listened to the judges!
babs -- I agree the outfit they liked best of Rami's made the Model look hippy and if it made the model look like she had big hips imagine it on a normal person!!

I actually liked the human hair extensions. I thought they looked really interesting. To me it's less gross than wearing fur from an animal. I am really anti fur so would rather see people wearing hair than fur! LOL!!!
Was I the only that kept hoping right till the last minute they would let both Chris and Rami show? Even after I saw 3 tables in the workroom, I still hoped! As creepy as the human hair was, it did look cool, and with the other creative uses of unique items Chris had incorporated, I thought he had a good chance. Besides, what a great story if the guy that got cut, then brought back was the winner!!!
this episode was a bust in my opinion - i like Chris and his collection way more - he was so interesting and unexpected - it sure left you wanting to see more. :) I do agree that the human hair was not much of an issue for me - it's like they liked it before they knew what it was!?

I thought Rami's was very boring - still lots of draping - and i agree the dress they were gaga over did not flatter the model that much at all. :( i'm glad that all in all Chris did get to show at Bryant park although it won't be shown on PR. Yea for the dreamers in all of us.
I was so torn between Chris and Rami. I would've been sad if either one left. I think their are very talented in their own styles. I rather expected that Rami was going to get the nod.
Hey thanks for the dish on the sweatpea thing. I loved the creativity in Chris' stuff, and how he pushes the envelope. He's probably a little ahead of his time on the use of hair in garments, but what a unique point of view! I did find myself wanting to see more, but was not at all surprised by their pick in Rami to show. He really is talented and draping fabric is something I maybe just dont understand how much skill it takes.
I know I'm behind the times on this, but I caught the show in rerun. It had to be Rami all the way. Tim was right, and the ick factor on Chris' human hair designs was way too high.
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