Another busy day at the show today! I was at the Ranger booth demoing Beeswax techniques which was a lot of fun! Here's a pic of me and Carmi at the Ranger booth!

Then I finally got to walk the show and made it over to see the Creative Catalyst booth in the new exhibitors section. It was great to catch up with them and they even had previews of my dvds on a loop! So fun! Here's me with Jim the owner of Creative Catalyst. I was looking away so it's not a great photo.

Then it was off to the F+W booth for a book signing, we ran through all the books in the first 10 minutes so then I spent the rest of the time demoing techniques.

I got to meet Teresa Collins, she had some very cool rings at the show that you can add your artwork to. I can't wait to buy a pack of those! I also got to see Ali Edwards, and Donna Downey but only for a second! I was so excited to meet Amy Tangerine and she gave me one of her super cute T shirts. Yay! now I have a new shirt!

Tonight Carmi and I had dinner with Bernie and Betz White and then we came back to the room to relax. What a long day! Carmi and I spent about 45 minutes just trying to get a decent internet connection and then we finally relented and are just doing dial up it's actually faster than the wireless connection.

Here's one last photo of the When Creativity Knocks filming at the OTT Lite booth from yesterday. That's me with the hosts, Ana and Megan Araujo.

There are still so many booths that I want to try to get to see and tomorrow is my last day!

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Beeswax techniques? Sounds great!
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