monday already!
Today was a busy day! More catching up, running errands, unpacking and then working on book #3.

I can't reveal yet all the details about book 3 except to say it will be different from my other books. This one isn't technique oriented -- it more of an inspirational jump start type book for scrapbookers, journalers and artists. I will give you a hint just for my blog readers because I love you so much. OK ready for the hint ... if you have enjoyed my quick collage podcasts you will like this new book! It will be out in the Fall, so not long to go!


Hello Claudine,

Thank you for the hint! ;-)
I'm sure that your book will be very interesting.
Vive le Collage!

Manon (from Montréal)
I'm really looking forward to this third book... it seems like it's right up my alley! :)
can't wait can't wait can't wait!!
Your new book sounds very intriguing indeed just hope its available in the UK soon too :)
I cannot WAIT to get my hands on your new book! Yea!!!
Yay! thanks for the hint Claudine. I have both of your books and participated in all of your quick collage challenges, so this sounds like great fun!!! Can't wait to see it.
Ohh, your new book sounds wonderful! I can't wait until it is out! Have fun writing it!
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