just got home!
I just got home. A very crowded flight with only one toilet working in the back. No in-flight video so thankfully I had my ipod. I watched both episodes of Breaking Bad. What a great show, very dark but very good. Now I have to program my DVR to get the rest of the episodes.

I had some famous people on my flight too!! And just after Carmi and I talked about how when flying to/from LA you never know who will be on your flight! Amy Smart was on there and then I believe Jeff Corwin was too. Everyone was talking about him but I didn't see him myself. I did see Amy in first class as I was getting on the plane and then she was also in the same tram as me on the way to baggage claim. I couldn't work up the nerve to say hi to her though. I didn't want to sound like an idiot so I just kept my mouth shut.

I am exhausted so I am off to relax and get ready for Project Runway!


Hello! I really enjoyed the Ranger class at CHA. I'll be sure to look up your instructional DVD. I'm intrigued by the beeswax art after seeing the sample and hearing from Suze W. about the new tool for depositing wax on your projects. Sounds so neat! I hope you get to relax a bit. CHA was exhausting but fun. And as we are still sitting at the airport - I hope we'll be home soon. I feel inspired to play!
sorry to've missed you at the show (not stalking you, but wanted a little visit!)...watching project runway myself right now...lurve it!
bummer about the flight situation but glad you made it back. just fyi...jeff corwin was just in the Seattle area the past few days - so very likely you saw him :)
Loved seeing you!!!!
Just watched PR and it was very good!
eek, can't wait for the reunion show next week!!!
I've been quietly admiring your work for awhile now, and just attempted my first collage. I blogged about it here...Thanks for the inspiration!
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