illustration friday: leap
Here's my submission for this weeks' Illustration Friday theme of "leap"

I have been feeling little burnt out lately and wanted to try something new, so this is a first animation for me using my drawings. When I started the project this afternoon,
I wanted to make a little flip book to animate the drawings but then I couldn't figure out how to show them on my blog. So I scanned in the drawings and played with Windows Movie Maker. Fun fun fun!!

Keep in mind it is a very short and very rudimentary animation but I had fun doing it!!

I am off to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is Orlando's JDRF Walk for the Cure. And we are walking in honor of my 7 year old niece Maiya (diagnosed with Type 1 at age 4). I have to get up and ready by 7am!!!! That is very early for me!

nighty night!

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Great fun!!! I love how proud he looks as he walks out of the frame. Can't wait to see more of your animations!
Very cute. I love how you added the subtitle "a VERY short story." Ha! The music fits your style wonderfully! As always delightfully done. I need to check out windows movie maker!
I love it!! really cute..doggies are one of the best things in life!
That's so cute!!
This is darling! The most fun I've had all day!!
That animation fits the tone of your work , oh-so-well!
He cute and certainly your style! Congrats on the animation!
such a fabulous little animated illo
That is so cute! Great Job!
I love it. Did you do this in Flash?
short but adorable.
adorable....aren't you clever !! good luck with the walk...
So much fun! ..and very fitting tune!
This is really great! I love the idea of a little cartoon! How unique :)
....very cute! Hope you had fun on your walk!
There's no end to your talent! This is wonderful!!! made me smile :)))))
Love it!! When I read about your interest in animation on SIS (?) I thought "Perfect!" I could immediately envision your poppets come to life. Can't wait for more!
How cute is that!
This is adorable, Claudine...I love it!
Very, very cool, Claudine!
How cool is that!
Really, really fun!
Cute animation. Glad to find the "author" of On My Desk, and someone concerned with the research into Diabetes. Walk well.
It's too cute, and good for you for trying something new!!

a : )
I nominate this film for "best short short film!!!!!
great musical score as well!
Very cute animation! I enjoy your illustrations so much. Thanks for coming by my blog!
I LOVE it! Now I'm ready for more. Keep up the good work.
Hehe, this is so cute! It put a smile on my face. What a great idea to animate your much fun. I've been trying to learn flash so I can do that too!
aren't you clever! I have Windows Movie Maker and Have never thought to use it with one of my illos. I love it!
Welcome to the wonderful world of animation! My heart goes out to your niece, btw.
I replay and replay, real fun to watch.
i LOVE how "rudimentary" it feels!
super job!

Claudine, this is great! I'm going to make sure my three (younger) artists here at home, see this! Also, the music is GREAT, perfect for this!
this is wonderful!
The piano was so perfect with this! I hope i see you on Martha tomorrow!!! How exciting!
cutecutecute!! I might even venture to say it's A-DOR!!!
Claudine- I love your wonderful video short.

I hope your walk was a success.

Thinking of Maiya.
Very cute!

I've thoroughly enjoyed delving into the lots and lots of artwork on your site. So much fun... and I love your style!
claudine, this is soooo fabby! i am charmed and delighted! what a talent you are :)

~ kim
I just love this short movie, I would like to learn how to do this too!
Sooo very cute!
Very cool - nice work Claudine!
Phenomenal work! Hope I spelled it right, so let me try again...Awesome work as usual! I love your work so much!
Great adaptation of your line work! So enjoyable!
This was wonderful!!! thankyou so much for posting it...
how cool! and having fun is half the point of doing it :)
this animation is so cute!! very original and such a beauty!! i really really luv it..

btw i linked to your blog and geesh i need to update and add my other fave artists i met at IF as well..
Hi. Very cute. I like that there's you can even read a feeling of anticipation on the part of the dog (when the dog is waiting for something to happen). Nice job.
That's brilliant.
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