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I am home and catching up on work that piled up while I was away. I spent all day working on my 3rd book. This one has a lot of contributors so it take lots of organizing to make sure I have everything in order!

I did find something exciting online. Just this last weekend at my workshop in Bonita Springs, I was saying "wouldn't it be cool if there was a way we could print our own rub-ons" well wouldn't you know there IS!!!! I just found out about Grafix Arts Translucent Vellum, which apparently you can print your own rub-ons from your inkjet printer. Thanks to CraftNotes Blog for mentioning this!
I can't wait to try this out!

Now I wonder, will I have to go to Michael's Craft Store to get it????



You can also make your own rub-ons using "overhead" transparencies and freezer paper. If you use the "overhead" transparencies you can use them over and over, just wipe them with a paper towel. You have to use an ink jet printer, but they work great!

Cindy Scaife

No way!!! how cool is that! I am going to look around the internet and find out how to do that! thanks for the tip!!
I've used the transparencies before but it can smear if you're not careful and let it dry completely. I went to that site you posted and they let you search for a store near you for the transfer film. Looks like its at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Have fun creating!

How cool, I need some of that.

It sounds like you had a great trip. Most excellent! How fun to have your Mom join you.

I have the same issues with AC Moore!'d think our quasi craft world celebrity status would gain us marginal respect!

hey cutie! we have some of the grafix at our lss, not sure if you will find it at michael's? it's amazing stuff, it really is! hugs, rachel
if you are ever near Des Moines (ie Omaha, Kansas City) I SO want to take a class from you and meet you! I can't wait for the Third book! YAY!
Michael's again...
hope there are a few closer than the last ones!
And you better not need help finding out which department they keep them in, LOL!
Who is your pick, Rami or Chris?
THANKYOU for that!!! I've been wishing there was a way to create my own rub-ons.
PS-would love more info on the new book-title? release date?
Best, Michele
First off, I just want to say I love your site. I own all your books and love your style - it just makes me happy. I wanted to echo the first posters statement about making your own rubons. It definitely works. I have done it quite a few times using regular transparencies. I just type the words that I want and use word art to reverse the text. I print it out, let it dry and then rub on my project. It differs from regular rub ons in that they are not as clear and sharp but I kind of like the ethereal look that they lend to a project. Also they don't work on glass or anything smooth. Hope that helps!

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