almost home!
I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of my workshop and this time tomorrow I'll be driving home!

These last two days have been great! We've been having so much fun in this 3 day beeswax class. Yesterday we used up the most amount amount of beeswax that I have ever used in one day of teaching. We used up 20lbs of wax!!! Which was just about everything that I brought with me because usually we only use 5lbs in one day. ut oh!!

So last night Mom and I went on an odyssey in search of beeswax. There are only two Michael's Craft Stores near Bonita Springs. One in Ft Myers (about 25 miles one way) then there is one in Naples (about 10 miles one way). So let's just say after driving a total of 60 miles I have now bought up all the beeswax between Ft. Myers and Naples, Florida.

Going to one Michael's was bad enough but two in one night really pushed my patience. Why is it every single Michael's employee must be grumpy and unhelpful? When we couldn't find any more beeswax at the first Michael's, Mom ran off to ask someone if they had more. I told her not to bother because they will only say "if it's not on the shelf we don't have it". As soon as she came back I asked her what they said and she said "if
it's not on the shelf we don't have it" LOL!! I KNEW IT!!

I think we have secured enough beeswax for tomorrow so that is good!

Tonight a few of us from the class all went out to dinner! Thanks to Teresa for organizing it all. So sweet! I sat next to Beverly who is showing her work at Gasparilla Art Festival next weekend!

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Sounds like a very successful workshop!
If you run out of beeswax again, check the local hardware stores - I was amazed to find it in Panama City, FL, at "Do It Best" hardware and also at "Ace" hardware.
jackie smith
Too funny about Michael's! Linda and I have experienced this same odd grumpiness at many craft stores country-wide. You'd think artsy-crafty people would be friendly and interested in how your creative day is going, and eager to share and find products. Hmmm...maybe the grumpy Trader Joe's customers all work at Michael's??
Don't you just love Ft. Myers? I was there with my husband on a medical CMC trip for my birthday one year, and loved it. Hit all the scrapbook stores. I have the same problem with Michaels myself. Grumpiness must be part of their employee protocol.
Brenda Kula
Ditto on Michaels' employees here in Northern VA. We absolutely died when the new owners of Michaels closed our local Recollections store - talk about incredible employees and artists themselves - Recollections was the best thing to happen to Michaels. I swear everytime I have to go into my local Michaels, I'm gonna string them up with twine - that is if I know where to look for it....nope not asking them either!
Gee, I thought it was grumpy New Yorkers at my Michael's. It must be the company culture- for all of us to have the same experience at any Michaels!! Too bad-
I think it's at all the majors including Hobby Lobby too. It's too bad. Have a safe trip home and yaaaaaah for moms, right?
Hi Claudine,
Your Michaels comment struck a chord with me. Now, I know there are wonderful, friendly, Michaels associates somewhere out there (there has to be doesn't there?), but both in California and in the Mid West my Mother and I used to swear that it was actually a "Prerequisite" to getting a job there, that you had to be one of the rudest angriest people ever, and they (Michaels) refused to higher anyone else.
I know what you mean about grouchy people at the craft stores. My friend Renea and I call one lady at Hobby Lobby the Paper Natzi because she comes up behind you and mumbles ugly things if you don't put the paper back exactly right in the scrapbook paper section.
Hey Claudine its Diz, I was at CHA watching you demo and you did a tag for my friend were sweet enough to do it and then post on her blog too...I just wanted to say thank you...and that your work inspries us both....And it was so cool to get to watch you work in person...Loved it !!

Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx
Not to harp on the negative - but if you hadn't mentioned you were in FL, you could have been describing my local store too!

Maybe this post will get back to the major craft stores as it seems they could use a few changes.

Love your work, and sorry to have missed your demo at CHA...
sounds like a wonderful class you taught!
and yes, trekking all the way to michaels (i have to go 45 miles) to search for something--usually without asking for help cuz it usually does not help..... and wait in their LONG, SLOW lines is just never at the top of my list. ...
glad you got the beeswax though!!!
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