whew! all done!
I just finished my smARTIST telesummit speech! I think it went well. I talked all about web sites and blogging for artists --- I got so carried away that I went over the time allotted. opps! Toby was snoring in the background, I hope no one could hear him!

OK I am off to get some studio work done! If you heard my
smARTIST telesummit speech today and have any questions feel free to post them here, and I will answer!

Hi Claudine!
Wow! You are so inspiring and creative in your art and your business. Smartist looks really interesting.
I just finished listening and you did a terrific job! I didn't hear Toby snoring at all. Thanks for being so generous with your information and also providing an excellent handout.
no snoring heard
I did post A Place to Bark on my blog
I just finished listening as well. Thanks for the great tips. And your enthusiasm and love for what you do was inspiring.

ScoutDog Studios
Claudine - I just got done listening to your presentation from smARTist. You shared so much. Thanks!
I just listened to your speech. Thanks so much for saring the secret of your success! I wish you continued greatness.

Lillian Alonzo Marin
Hi-- Your tip to try blogging and get comfortable before letting anybody know the blog exists was what finally convinced me I could do this. I'm in the throes of redoing my website so having something that can be finished in daily chunks is feeling good -- at least my blog can be up to date! I'm also a collage artist. Thanks for the push!
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