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I got all my work done for today so I am off to Lynn and John's to watch Project Runway! This episode is all about denim from what I can tell. Should be fun! More later!!

EDITED 12:20am -- that was a good episode! I am glad that Ricky won, I was torn between him and Sweet Pea. We all guessed it might be Ricky. We all knew Victorya would be out as soon as she started talking about her Mom and that she hoped her Mom would be proud of her. It's always a tell tale sign -- if they give you a bit of a sympathetic back story on the person -- you know they will most likely be the one out that week!

PS -- thank you to everyone for helping with the A Place to Bark grant challenge!! We are getting so close to winning the $50,000 grant for A Place to Bark!! Now over 1,100 donations!! Please bear with me while I continue to keep the effort going. We only have a few more days and we are doing so well. We must keep A Place to Bark in second place to win! Thank you for spreading the word and keeping those $10 donations coming in for this wonderful cause! Each donation counts toward keeping A Place to Bark in the running for this grant! For more info click here!! Many artists are also donating their artworks to the cause as gifts for your donations, click here for more info on the artist giveaways!


SOOOOOOOOOO glad Victorya is out!
Great episode last night!
ya, that was a good episode. See ya Victoria. She is talented, but that dress was awful. and it still kills me when people don't listen to Tim Gunn. Really, Chris should've listened about those pockets. :)
They all did pretty good with the jean challenge, but Rickie's dress was cute and very wearable:)
My own theory is that they were throwing Ricky a bone so they wouldn't feel so bad about axing him on the next episode. Remember, there isn't any more immunity.
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