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Yay! New episode of Project Runway tonight! I have to say I did not think Victoria should have won last week. I hated her dress with the multicolored sparkles on the neckline. blech. I thought either SweetPea should have won or Rami. more later!!

Ohh I loved last night's so show much. I went over to Lynn & John's to watch it so we stayed up way too late chattering after the show. I was excited that Chris and Christian won because I loved theirs the best. But was sad that only Christian got immunity. I was so sorry to see Kit go. her dress was pretty and beautiful and I thought that Ricki should have gone because his work has been weaker in the other shows. It was a super fun episode to see them working with more outrageous designs!! Looks like next week they have to work with denim, John looked ahead on the Tivo and it said something about denim. Jillian should be good at that, she wears a lot of denim.


Here's a photo from our project runway pipe cleaner challenge. Each of us at Lynn and John's made something to wear out of pipe cleaners. We selected our item from a slip of paper in a cup. Our only materials were pipe cleaners and pom poms. I made the glasses! Lynn made the hat!!! Isn't that hat amazing!! Here's me wearing everything at once! It was super fun! I think we're going to keep the pipe cleaner thing going and see how many things we can make from pipe cleaners.

More pics on Flickr here!!

PS -- thank you to everyone for helping with the A Place to Bark grant challenge!! We are getting so close to winning the $50,000 grant for A Place to Bark!! Please bear with me while I continue to keep the effort going. We only have a few more days and we are doing so well. Thank you for spreading the word and keeping those $10 donations coming in for this wonderful cause! For more info click here!! Many other artists are also donating their artworks to the cause, and Bernie and I will be posting an updated post about it soon!


i'm glad i'm not the only one who felt that way about victoria's dress. i didn't like it at all. sweetpea's dress was the clear winner to me.
I hated Victoria's dress. I'd hoped Sweetpea's would have won. Did you notice Victoria does the same basic silhouette over and over again?
laundry girl

you are right, she always does tent dresses! hmmm!!
oh my gosh, totally agree...Sweet Pea should've won. And I don't think Kevin should've been out...Ricky's dress was all wrong, from the way it hung to the color.

I am making brownies in celebration of tonight. Project Runway Bliss. :)

by the way, totally love how you say "blech"...makes me smile every time!
Hi Claudine...

I am on the second show with Sarah Jessica's Bitten line...I guess the station here is behind...

I have an award waiting for you on my blog...I really enjoy my visits here and our collage work is so similar...I too use photos of people...

I also have a steak waiting for you so I hope you're hungry!!

i can't wait! and the comment above is going to send me off to make brownies! i have trader joe's truffle brownie mix! pure heaven. although, maybe i should arrange my hair into a wild and maniacal coif first! the episode tonight says the designers have to create an outfit inspired by their model's hair!!! p.s. i posted about bernie being in the top 5 at my blog and linked to a couple of my yahoo groups. one has 2,000 members so i hope they all donate!
tonight's show was GREAT! I loved the trench coat and the dress that won. I think it should have been a tie. Really good seemed like the good was really good and the bad teams were really bad. My ...they do bash each other with the comments...very cut-throat this year. smiles,andra
Ricky should have been out last week and this week, what is up with that? I am so bummed about Kit!
And Victoria winning, blech is right! Sweet Pea had it the whole time and got robbed!
I loved both of the outfits that were in the top, but wanted the trench coat team, it was more look in my opinion.
Way more cutthroat this year, and Christian the Santino of the season, LOL!
I totally agree with you about Victoria. My fiance and I were both like, "WTF?!" I wanted Sweet Pea or Chris to take it home last week.

And that pic of you is adorable! You look like a Whoville resident!
Hi Claudine!

I love your pipe cleaner challenge creation! It totally made my day!
You are responsible for getting me hooked on Project Runway. I'm not sure if I should thank you or blame you! LOL! But good grief, Ricky has just got to go! I thought for sure he'd be gone this week so Kit's leaving totally shocked me. It's getting down the the nitty-gritty now though.
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