it's tuesday!!
It's Tuesday and today flew by! I have been working away on custom artwork orders, spreading the word about the Place to Bark fund raising effort (we are over 1,000 donations!!!!! yay!!!), doing laundry, working on demos for CHA, making business calls, and listening to the first batch of lectures from the smARTIST telesummit (my speech is on Thursday @ 1:30pm!)

(click image to enlarge)
Here is a custom artwork order that was a Christmas present! It is a 18"x24" canvas of the Scrap in Style TV design team and was a gift to Jeanette Herdman, the president of Scrap in Style TV - she's the one on the right in the foreground. (I'm in it too, can you find me?) I have never done a piece with that ma ny people in it and boy was it a challenge! I was scared to death when I started it! There were so many pieces and parts to keep track of and to make it even more difficult, Stanley kept running off with various heads and I'd find them in the kitchen or in our bed! LOL! I am happy with the way it came out and so glad I had the challenge to create this!

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that's so cool!!

i bet jj loved it!!
It's should be very pleased with it. The recipient will LOVE it !!!!
I love this!! Great colors and composition! That would have been tricky.

Lol.My dog has the same unfortunate habit of stealing collage pieces and then eating them. Once it actually improved the piece. Hah, Hah.
WOW! That is an amazing have really perfected your style. What an accomplishment to put so many people in one piece.
wow that's great! Well done...clap clap clap!!! behave! smiles, andra
yyeeeeeahh Claudine I still love looking at this!!!!!

you are so so smart lady!!

you worked magic on this piece.
I LOVE how it turned out.
thanks ladies! this was a fun piece to work on!
no way, well if that isn't the cutest thing!
Wow! A present, this one's fantastic. You've handled a large group of figures so well. With this many figures I tend to get really stressed.
This is EXACTLY why I'd love to be a Fashionista!

To see my mug on here?

Oh yes...
I saw the websode when she recieved this. What a wonderful piece of art work! You did a fabulous job!!!!
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