it's thursday! project runway post!
I'm late with my Project Runway post. yipes! I was super busy today working on stuff for CHA and also working my speech for the smARTIST Telesummit in a couple weeks! I already have a 10 page PDF handout for my talk about blogs and websites. Wow! It's a new year and there's work to be done!

OK so let's chat about Project Runway's episode last night. Loved, loved, loved it!! It was great to see what they created with such unusual materials.

I was not surprised that Elysia was out. I had a feeling she would go as soon as she mentioned her car accident. They almost always feature the people who will be out, and usually tell us a little more back story about them so then we are sad when they are voted off. I really liked her, I felt like she had a nice spirit so I was sad to see her go. The editing really tried to make us think that Jillian would be the one to go, but she pulled it off with her Twizzler outfit. I love Twizzlers! Watching her make that outfit made me so hungry for some!

I loved Rami's outfit! Looked great! And Chris showed his talent and pulled off a great dress.

This episode was up there with the grocery store episode from Season 1. One of my favs!


Hmm. I hadn't noticed that backstory thing they do before someone gets voted off. Now I have a clue. I actually thought Jillian should have won. Rami seems to be an early favorite.
Wasn't it a great episode?! Love that they did something different. I enjoy reading your post about the show!
Loved Rami's outfit and I was shocked at how great Chris's was also. I love Kevin so I wished he could've been in the top 3 but it was worth it to see Christian not be there either. I can't help it, he drives me crazy, even though most of his designs are pretty awesome.
I just saw your artwork on 'I Want That' and found your website. I was so inspired that I found an old canvas, painted over it, started cutting some pictures of me and my dog and bird (both rescues) and didn't get to bed til 3am! You mentioned CHA... I'm going to be there, too! I mentioned you to one of the gals I work with and she knew who you were and reads your blog, too! I'm going to try to finish this collage and maybe tuck it into a bag for CHA so I can show it to you! This is so exciting. I'm a designer and work in Illustrator all day, so I'm a "crafting virgin" (no laughing when you see my collage:) I went to Michael's yesterday to find gel medium and they didn't know what it was. I looked everywhere and went home empty handed :( I'm going to try my glue stick. Wish me luck!

I have seen your blog off and on, but had no idea that you were a Project Runway fan!...oh, I am obsessed. I'm not even kidding when I say that I check Bravo everyday to see if there's going to be a marathon on. For my birthday I am asking for the first 3 seasons on DVD. :)

About this one, I'm really glad none of them ended up using the teddy bears (my little daughter found that very distressing that they were cutting up bears) and I am worried for Sweet Pea. She's lost some of her mojo. I'm hoping she gets some confidence going.

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