illustration friday: legend
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "legend"

(click image to enlarge)

"her hair was the stuff of legend....."

This one is just a quickie that I created tonight for the theme. As soon as I read the theme of "tales and legends", I thought of a woman with giant hair. I have no idea why! So here is my entry! Happy weekend!


Love it!
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Love that beehive hairdo!
Great illustration.
Great idea for the theme!
claudine - this one is so fun. It has a very strong graphic style which I like very much!
OMG that's my sister!!!! You really have a way with the fun side of nostalgia :)
Is that hair or a HELMET??? Great work!
nice piece for the topic, love it!
too funny!
great hair !!! reminds me of my Sunday School teacher circa 1966....she had HUGE hair and always wore stillettos....I thought she was the height of glamour and cool....thanks for the memory.
I was almost expecting a spider in her hair! Love your collage work and thoroughly enjoyed your dvd on wax collage. It was one of my Christmas gifts to myself!
Fabulous intrepetation of LEGEND!
Love it!
Great Illo, Claudine!
I'm so glad she's what came to mind! I love her!
great collage claudine -- this woman looks just like my Aunt Eileen, circa 1974 -love it... is that Aqua Net hairspray???
WHERE do you come up with these ideas?!

YOU are a genius!

Thanks for yet another belly laugh!
Love the beehive lady! I just love your lines - nice work!!
I think I might actually know a few "legends"... Bouffants, mullets, you know, if you did a mullet collage I would probably come close to dying of laughter.
Love your style, very pretty and cretive, I just put in a request to Calgary Public Library to order your book, I am sure lots of people will enjoy it!
Hi Claudine, I really like your artwork "You make my day!"'s an award for you that I am passing with joy!
Come to my blog for details!
My mother had this hair in the late sixties. Ha,ha!
I love your work!
Thanks for the smile!
By the way, my sister's name is also Claudine.
Funny, charming and original!
Amazing work, Claudine! I admire you so much!
Claudine, this was great! I love it! Don't all women have the hair of legends? lol! Wonderul post this week!
This is awesome.. just great!
this is great!
very nice and very effective. distinctive style. love it!
ren/crazy atom
Hey Claudine,

I just wanted to let you know that I blogged about your book today :

Thanks for the inspiration!
thanks for the nice compliment on my drawing.

i love your take on the theme!

best regards,

This reminds me of a Fred Eaglesmith song: My Baby's got big Hair.

Verse 3 goes something like:

When I take her picture
just to get her in
I turn the camera sideways and use a wide angle lens
it makes people laugh
but she don't really care
my baby's got big hair!

Great work!
heeeeee hheeeeeeee!!!! wonderful piece and idea, claudine! love love her swiss dot read, and that awful awful aerosol can...i can almost smell/taste that "aqua rain" my mom used to use on our heads for school pictures. :)))
Hair helmets are so important!
Wow! Just think if she lived in the 80's with all those hair bands! She would have been a big hit.
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