illustration friday: 100%
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "100%"

(click image to enlarge)
This piece was created for a 2009 calendar by TeNeues Publishing but I thought it could work for the theme. This cute gal (my mom when she was in her 20's) is just about 100% sure that this dress will fit!


And? Did it fit? I guess so!
Beautiful colors!
great illustration
That is 100% cute!
oh how sweet to use your Mom in the work...lovely as usual...I must head over to my Parent's place to get some old photos!!!

Have a great week!

Hey, thats so cool that you put your mom in the picture.
Love the illustration.
I love your aesthetic!

The colours on your site are beautiful - and I love the patterning. I'm definitely adding your site to my bookmarks :)
This is adorable, especially since I still have Project Runway on the brain!
I see project runway influence here!!
wonderful collage....very chic boots on mom !!!
Wonderful as always!
I have to agree with the color votes, nice and subtle! I really like this piece! The boots are groovy! I am so mad I missed PR as I needed to work diligently myself! Grrr, work ethic! Anyhoo, it sounds like it was marvy, I'll catch it in the rerun (probably this weekend)! Have a great evening and thanks for your comment!

a : )
Spot on here, this is exactly why my mother in law told me she stopped sewing! Just can't return the finished product if it doesn't work for you.
Yummy color palette. She does look fab in the boots.
Thanks for the comment...
But once she clips it, it will be less than 100%!
Lovely image. How stylish she is - - and that dress! What a great fashion designer you are. :)
i just love the posture and the whole items!
This is adorable. Love the colours. & I want those boots!
As always, your drawings are superb - and mixed in collages very effective. Well done again!
I have that dress! What fun.
Great your work saw a little blurb on fine living today and it reminded me to check out your blog! Have a beautiful day.
It's super :o))
Best Wishes,
Issi :o)
100% perfect collage!
love it as always:)
Great work, Claudine! A Project Runway wannabe?
I really like your style especially this one - you capture the moment of her little hesitation.
Great personal collage piece here! Wow!
lovely piece,I like all your work...
I love the stack of clothes on the floor next to her. Really adds a punch of color.
Wonderful piece! Love the line work and colors, and the colorful stack of fabrics is a great touch.
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