brrr it's getting cold!
Brrrr! It's starting to get really cold here!

I spent ALL day covering up all the flowering plants in our garden to keep them warm. I also put down every single christmas light strand that we own in all the flower beds so they can keep things a little warmer (hopefully!). We now have more Christmas lights on display than we did in all of December. They look really pretty shining underneath all the white landscape fabric.

Tonight we are supposed to have a wind chill in the low 30's and then tomorrow night it's going to be in the 20's! For Florida that is crazy cold. The TV news anchors are acting like mommies telling us silly
tips like "to stay warm try wearing a hat and scarf!"

I am having a bit of freak out about the plants, it would cost us a lot of money to replace everything so I hope they all live! Please live little plants! Keeping my fingers crossed! I'm off to snuggle down with a mug of hot chocolate!


good luck with the plants.
My sis lives nearby in Kissimmee. She worries herself to death about hers, too. (She's such a nut...when she visits Mom and Dad in Virginia, she freezes to death INSIDE their house, where's a perfectly warm 71 degrees! Must be a FLA thing! Keep cozy warm. It's snowing and windchill of 14 here in PA!
The mini lights are a great idea...I'll be illuminating my garden tonight, too! Hopefully Mattie will leave the covers alone. The first year she was here she came out right after we put the sheets on and started ripping them off and running into the woods with them!
sending you warm hugs from colorado, ha! if you can call it that - we were snowshoeing in 19 degrees the last day of december and temps dropped to single digits, sorry i think we sent you our cold snap. stay warm and drink lots of hot tea. happy new year, rachel
Dont you love the news! Up here in NY they hype up the weather big time - During a commercial they ask: "Will your commute to work tomorrow include snow and ice? Tune in at 11:00 for details!" So of course we all tune in to see what snow and ice they are talking about- nine times out of ten- there is NO snow- they just ask the question to soup us up and it gets their ratings up! grrrr....
Claudine, I was browsing artful blogging magazine and found your blog. I saw your video on Martha Stewart and a few of your teaching videos. You are absolutely wonderful on camera and your artwork is fabulous. I have always loved collage and used oragami papers with my watercolor while I lived in Asia. Your style is so charming and I am so glad that I found your blog. Happy New Year, Karen
Happy New Year Claudine! You are an inspiration. Love all your books. I cannot believe you are experiencing temps like that in FLA. Yikes!.. Plants are expensive. Try tenting them with plastic sheeting or it may not be pretty but it may save what you have.
lol...I'm sure the cold weather won't last too long! Happy New Year, Claudine!
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