yay! project runway!
The first episode was a good one. I am so excited.

A few thoughts:

I was a little bummed they didn't give them a more interesting challenge for the first episode. I would have liked something really difficult like the grocery store challenge from season 1.

I was sad that Simone was the one to go, she looked nice, but I figured as much, the judges hate "boring" more than they hate ugly.

Why was Victorya's big silver flower on her dress OK but Rami's flower was too "mother of the bride"?

Elisa should be interesting to watch with all her unusual sewing techniques and arty talk.

Please lordy don't tell me lamb chop sleeves are making a comeback. They all seemed to like Christian's outfit. And said how "volume" is in again. Do I need to stock up on non-shoulder padded jackets so I have something to wear?


I thought they should have got rid of the woman who pinned that impossible train on the back of a dress. How can you be a designer when the model can't even walk in the outfit.
Maybe because her flower was metallic it got a free pass? It seems like there are more professionals this time around, so I'm expecting the bar to be raised higher for this group. I can't wait! :)
One thing I TRULY did not like - THE MODELS. Many of them were just TOO THIN, and most of them do not now how "to walk". Do not understand how that could happen, because Heidi is a model herself.
I am excited about these contestants too, they seem more experienced than from previous seasons. I just hope that all that name dropping (Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood etc.) is worth it.
i enjoyed the first episode too! i agree that the first challenge seemed so simple, like it should have been a pre-challenge to get into the show or something, but it was fun to see what people thought of as their signature style. it does seem like the people they have this year are mostly already fully into the field, so it'll be interesting to see where it goes.

i'm so excited to see more! i wish i could hunker down and watch the whole season back to back right now! :-)
Claudine - your comments are right on, and they crack me up. My comments:

Victorya's flower was edgy and punk. Rami's was sort of a chiffon "greek goddess overhill. The flower had no contrast with the softnmess of the gown (as Victorya's did, hers being made of aluminum :)). I stil lthought she should have won because hers was a little more interesting despite all the raves over Rami's superior draping...yawn.

Christian - ok, maybe HE should have won. I did not like it the best aesthetically, but all the judges agred that his was both risk-taking as well as well-crafted.

Simone - I likeds her too. I kind of liked her dress too (although the accompanying shrug was HID-E-OUS, IMO) BUT BUT BUT - - I could see the puckering on that thing. Yikes to that puckering!! 100 lashes with a needle and thread!!
I think this season has some real pro's, so it should get interesting (read: in-fighting!)

I am hooked on this show!
So happy to have PR again this winter! I think they kept Elisa b/c she's a little strange and crazy means viewers will tune in to see what she'll come up with next!
The only model who looked at all like normal young women (who eat) was Rami's; he's lucky he got her 'cause that gorgeous gown would've looked awful on a stick-thin model. His model had the womanly curves to fill it our perfectly.
I am also "so not happy" to know that "volume is in" - ugh!! I am over shoulder pads; of course, I am also over these little baby doll shapes everywhere right now. Someone my age and size looks ridiculous -or pregnant - in those things! (I never looked right in a baby doll or ruffles!)
I'm so happy that Project Runway is back so that I can read your blog recaps.
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