It's Thursday and our internet is fixed. Yay! I missed you my lovely high speed internet access. How did I live all those years with only dial up?

This morning, the cable guy comes over and we tell him we think it's the modem that's acting haywire. He says "oh no way this brand modem last forever and never breaks"

He goes outside, messes around comes back in and tells us it's fixed. Then he leaves. We go to check it and it's not fixed. Akkk! The horror! We knew if we had to call the call center again it would be days and days before they would send someone back.

So Paul runs out in the street to try and flag him down. He's left. Then we remembered that he called my cell phone earlier to tell us he was on his way. ha! Yay for "the call list" on cell phones! We called him back and told him it was not fixed.

He was reluctant to come back, telling us we just need to reboot (which I knew was untrue). I pleaded and explained how Paul is taking online classes and must have it fixed by the weekend. So he came back. Guess what! It was our modem that was broken. ha! We were right. hooray! And now Paul can do his school work this weekend. Whew!


I can relate to that! Sometimes when the precious internet goes down I wonder...what did I do before there was internet (you know...the dark ages!)?! Thank goodness you got it fixed :)
Hurray for highspeed internet! I hate dealing with the cable company, they're so stinkin' slow.
How stressful! I don't get to browse that often, so when I have time and it doesn't work, I get frantic! Good thing your persuasive. Love the pics of Halloween!
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