weekend plans
Right now I'm getting some work done, Paul's working too. But later we are thinking about seeing Nightmare Before Christmas. They have it in 3-D at the theater and it is one of my all time fav movies. I have seen it a million times but never in 3-D. Maybe some thai food after that! Sounds perfect! What are your plans this weekend?



I took my grandaughter to see the movie in 3-D last week, and we loved it! During the snow scene, we felt like we had snow falling on us. Amazing! The artist in me kept thinking, "I wish I could create something like that." Enjoy your movie -- it's terrific!
Hey my activities today and tomorrow Nico turns 14..and he is about 5" taller then I am....!!
enjoy the day, andra
wah!!! My w'end has come and gone, and was full of lots of waiting. We are waiting for our first shipment of cardstock that we designed. It has been sitting on the docks for a week. Latest word ... it is "lost" in the warehouse!? Grr!!!
I had some high hopes for getting some art created for my Etsy shop ... but instead I had F+W time sheets to go do!

I did get to go to a Wizard of Oz birthday party for my niece .. where I was in charge of making the Emerald City punch!

I'm hoping to get to go to your workshop in Michigan next year .. by the way!
Had BIL in for the weekend, so enjoyed his company. Husband also had to put in a new kitchen faucet since the handle broke off the old on on Thursday morning. There was no cooking to be done til that was fixed, and no way to wash off dishes either. You don't realize how much you miss it until you don't have it!!!
My 2 SILs are coming in from Florida on Friday and we're just hanging out with them, maybe doing a few things like go to Montreal or Lake Placid, but they're really coming just to see their niece, we're chopped liver now! ;)
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