this just finished...
Finished this custom artwork up last week but had to wait to post it until the birthday girl had received it!

(click image to enlarge)
This piece was for a birthday present Kelly -- the cute gal holding the Dr Pepper. The rest of her friends who all meet at the bagel shop pooled together to get her this custom artwork. That's her orange mini on the side! I was worried about fitting in this many people into a composition but it worked out and I really loved working on this piece!


just have to tell you one more time that I am just sure that this is quite possibly THE most perfect gift anyone has ever given me. :)
I love love love it! Thanks so much. Dang. Don't I have great friends?!?!? Why, yes I do! :)
This is really awesome - I love it!! Great work, Claudine!!

Kelly you are such a lucky lady!! :)
ohh this is nice! you really have a great style!!
Super cute! I love the little cafe shop in the back. Love the srtriped awning! Great job with fititng in some many folks....I would be so happy if my friends got me such a great gift!
this is a great idea!! the possibilities are endless!
This is great Claudine! It turned out WONDERFUL :) I love all the people.
Hey, this is lovely, a great idea for a pressie. Do you do commissions?
Thanks for stopping my my blog and leaving your comments. Fancy swapping links? Let me know
Take care
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