still sick
I am still sick with this nasty virus, cold or whatever it is.

Now it has moved into the coughing stage with uncontrollable coughing fits at night. I had to spend the last couple nights in the guest room so Paul could get some sleep. All of the pets stay with Paul so then I end up all alone in the guestroom and I don't like it. I tried to get Stanley to come in with me but even he thought I was coughing too much.

My sister in-law Maria told me that her grandma used to put Vicks Vapo Rub on her feet (yes her feet!) and then put socks on when she was coughing and that it would help. It sounded weird but I thought hey I'll try it and I did and it seemed to help and at least I have soft feet now!

Yesterday I went on a cleaning spree. Whenever I am sick I feel like everything is dirty so I was like a crazy person cleaning the house. I should have probably been laying in bed but I couldn't control the urge to clean and at least I was being productive!

Today I got a decent amount of art work done and now I am really tired. I think I might have overdone it. I am off to rest! See you tomorrow!


Sorry that you are so sick.

Even more sorry that your pet refuses to sleep with you, that is worst than the ickies, imho.

Hope you get better soon, you should be shaking the worst of it, soon!
Hi Claudine!
I am sorry to hear that you are feeling sick and that you have such a bothersome cough.

I had a cough like that last Fall, that went on for a couple of weeks--the only thing that seemed to help was drinking hot tea with lemon and some of that cough quieting medicine (can't remember the brand)--it was a syrup that tasted...well, let's just say more than awful--but it did help.

From one type A personality to another--I say rest, rest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh, I do hope you feel better soon!
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
I put Vicks on my neck and wrap with a scarf...helps.
Hope you are feeling better soon!!!
YES, VICKS ON THE FEET! My mom used to put it on my feet. I think it was my Aunt Joan who suggested it...I would break out in a rash from having it on my chest, so my mom tried the feet and man, it works really well...I still do it when I'm really sick like that and it DOES work!

My FIL puts it in his nostrils...eeeww!

get well soon, claudine!
I have it too! All the way in California! I'm on Day 15 and still coughing! Even with antibiotics! I found the Vicks to work too. Get well soon!
For what it's worth, try taking a spoonful of honey when you feel a coughing fit come on. Apparently it calms the cough reflex - similar in viscosity to OTC cough formulas.
Feel better soon, Claudine!
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