snuggle kitties
I bought this amazingly soft blanket yesterday when I was out running errands. As soon as I felt it in the store I knew the cats would love it. I could hardly wait to get it home so I could watch them snuggle on it. I put it on the bed and Stan has barely left it. Yesterday he spent nine hours straight sleeping on it and today I think he'll beat that record!


I just caught Mabel joining him -- seems she only just discovered the super soft napping goodness!


awwww - that is sooo cute!

My pooch has a fav blanket he loves too - he won't lay down till we get it out for him then he circles on it like cats do before finding the perfect possie :D

Gotta love our fur babies
Hi Claudine,

I have two cats also, named Monet and Matisse. They have many sleeping spots. Monet loves to kneed the blanket before he settles down as though he were kneeding his mother. He'll do his little dance around the blanket while kneeding for about 2 minutes. He looks like he's in a trance. Check out their pictures on my blog, if you wish.

Cindy Silverstein
brand? I have a feeling that my puppalooda and I would love one of those for ourselves!
We are a blankie family too! My Maltese will curl up on anything soft no matter how high she has to climb. I once found her on top of five pillows and a blanket stacked on a chair! She thinks she's a cat!
I want one for me! Maybe it is my furface substitute for the time being? Do tell what it is and where you found it!

best from here,
This is such a cute pic. My little Esther Fay found a soft sweater that she slept on and kneaded so often, we called it the "momma cat".
hey all!!

here's the link to the blankie!
I have that very same blankie in red! It was a gift from my neighbor... and my cats LIVE on it! ... well, that and the FAKE FUR throw from Pottery Barn!!
What cuties! They look very happy on that warm, snuggly blanket!
Oh cute that Stanley and Mabel like to be together. Our Midnight misses snuggling up with his brother Bootie. They would curl up and lay on top of each other. They were litter mates, but Bootsie left us a year ago.
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