illustration friday: superstition
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "superstition"

(click image to enlarge)

"The woman to catch the bride's bouquet will be the next to marry"

My illustration is supposed to depict the bride about to throw the bouquet but I don't know if it reads that way. I have looked at it for so long (
you know when you look at a word too long and then it doesn't look like it is spelled correctly anymore) I started to worry that it might read more like she is catching it. But then I felt too sick from this nasty cold to fuss with it any more.

Never-the-less I was happy I had time and energy to make something new for IF even in my weakened and sickly state! I had fun looking up superstitions to work on this. I never realized how many are part of our daily lives!


It's a beauty....happy and colorful and I love her dress !! Hope you get to feeling better fast...
I read it that way! I love the pink in it. Nicely done.
Hope you can find a superstition that makes you feel better.
I have a photo in my wedding album of women lunging for the bouquet followed by the men looking at the garter indifferently.
Love your work.
Verrrrry nice illustration - really witty!
Definately throwing! Feel better. Get some chicken soup.
I knew it was throwing even before reading your commentary or even knowing what the topic of your Fri challenge was. Super cute!
This works perfectly!! And the dog fest photos are a howl! Please feel better soon :(
I also read it as throwing the bouquet. Wonderful color choice. Get well soon!
yup.. it's a throw :) fun illustration.. hope you're feeling better soon!

emila yusof
This is a fun image for the topic this week. The barkfest sounds and looks like it was a hoot. I wish they had one here.
Witty charming style and it does look as if she's just about to throw the bouquet. Delightful!
Hi Claudine...

I love this piece...great work!
I too did some research on superstitions and was amazed at how many there are....

Hope you feel better soon!

Knew right away it was a trow, great work of art. Love it. Hope you get better soon,

super colors. :)
Beautiful piece, Claudine!
Hope you get better soon!
i think it's great! love the patterns in her dress! hope you feel better soon!
well done... ! get well quick
I love the dots!

Feel better soon Claudine! :)
It looks like the groom just drove off without her!
Being a wedding photographer that also loves collage...I love it! I have really been drawn to robin's egg blue so I love the color choice. Very Cute! Inspires me to create more collages for clients....Happy Thanksgiving!
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