tech support tuesday
Our cable internet is down again. So annoying! This time it looks like it's just us and not the whole neighborhood which means I have to wait until Thursday for the cable guy to come. The weirdest part is that it works intermittently. So I keep running in the office to see if it is working and then I rush though my emails to get as many in as I can before it goes down again. It was working for a whole two hours this afternoon. Right now I am on dial up. Ahhh dial up. I forgot how slow it is!

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween. I know I am going to forget and then wonder why kids are ringing our door bell. We did remember to get some candy this weekend. So I will have it ready. Maybe I'll go put it in a bowl right now!

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If your internet provider has recently upgraded their features/service in any way, and if your modem is not through them and/or is an older model, it's possible that their service no longer recognizes your modem. Mine did something quite similar. Fortunately, after about 2 weeks of on/off service, my provider fixed whatever glitch was in their system that caused it not to recognize my modem. However, I was THISCLOSE to having to buy a new one to satisfy them.
Claudine sorry to hear about that! Hope it's running before Thursday. I hate it when that happens it feels like you have a leg cut off and can't go anywhere, I do so much online that it feels like that!!
Hi Claudine!! Thanks for the info about Bernie. I'm going to email her today about helping us find a poodle to adopt :-)

Happy Halloween!

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