happy halloween!
Snapped a couple of photos of Mabel wearing Toby's Halloween costume. Here is she lounging in my studio. I thought she would hate wearing it but she didn't seem to mind at all. Stan on the other hand wouldn't even wear it for one second!



I just gave out the last of the candy to the trick-or-treaters, now I'll get a little more work done and then watch Pushing Daisies. yay! Happy Halloween!

EDITED: NOV 1st, 2:40pm
For Angie who requested to see Toby as Ewok again :)


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tech support tuesday
Our cable internet is down again. So annoying! This time it looks like it's just us and not the whole neighborhood which means I have to wait until Thursday for the cable guy to come. The weirdest part is that it works intermittently. So I keep running in the office to see if it is working and then I rush though my emails to get as many in as I can before it goes down again. It was working for a whole two hours this afternoon. Right now I am on dial up. Ahhh dial up. I forgot how slow it is!

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween. I know I am going to forget and then wonder why kids are ringing our door bell. We did remember to get some candy this weekend. So I will have it ready. Maybe I'll go put it in a bowl right now!

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just monday
Not a very exciting day here today. It's been rainy all day and that makes me really sleepy. How do people get work done in Seattle? I see a drop of rain and immediately I feel like I need to have a nap.

I have been getting some work done despite my sleepiness. Working on custom artwork orders and also getting email taken care of and other assorted business things.

Had a few visitors today. My sister in-law stopped by with her two daughters, always a treat to see them!

And then my neighbor stopped over and we walked our dogs together. Toby loves stopping at Gizmo's house and playing with all his toys. Gizmo is a good friend and shares his toys with Toby. Toby would never return the favor and share his toys with Gizmo though. Toby doesn't like to share, not at all.

Now I'm scanning in photos for custom orders and doing some admin work, then I think I might get an early night. I can barely keep my eyes open today!
weekend plans
Right now I'm getting some work done, Paul's working too. But later we are thinking about seeing Nightmare Before Christmas. They have it in 3-D at the theater and it is one of my all time fav movies. I have seen it a million times but never in 3-D. Maybe some thai food after that! Sounds perfect! What are your plans this weekend?


christmas already?
Yes indeedy! It's time to start thinking about Christmas already! This is just a friendly reminder to get your holiday custom artwork orders in to me soon.

I am now just about all caught up from my Martha Stewart Show orders so there is room on my calendar!

All custom sketch orders placed right now are scheduled to be completed by the end of November. And custom canvas orders are on track to be completed the first week of December (or around there). So that leaves only a little bit more room on my calendar if you want to get your artwork by Christmas/Hanukkah
. My recommendation is to get your order to me no later than mid Nov. if you want to be guaranteed delivery by the holidays.

If you would like holiday cards created from your custom artwork, get your order in to me as soon as possible. If you already had a custom artwork created (sketch or canvas) and would like the artwork turned into holiday cards, click here for more info!

Also, now I have gift certificates and On Its Way certificates, so if you order your custom artwork gift too late, not worry, you'll still have something to give to your special person!


finally getting somewhere
It took me 9 hours in the studio today, making a mess and hating everything I did, until I finally started getting somewhere. whew! Now I am exhausted. We'll have to see if I still like what I did in the morning! See you tomorrow!


etsy ,etsy
I updated my Etsy shop tonight with 4 original canvases. Last week when I brought home all the artworks from the City Hall show, I realized I had no room to store all of them. That means it's time for me to get brave and start selling them. I have a hard time parting with my works but they need to be loved and not stored in the garage in boxes. So here I go! I'll be listing more over the next few weeks!


catching up
Lots of work and running around today catching up after my trip to NJ. I saw this animation on cute overload and just have to post it. Anyone with a cat will appreciate this!

(safe for work)

The animator and director is Simon Tofield. Love it!

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going home!
I'm here at Newark airport waiting for my flight home. I don't board for another hour, so I thought I would kill time checking email for a little bit. It took me forever to find a power outlet. All the business men and lap top people were circling around them like sharks. Finally one opened up so I could plug in and near a chair too! Yay! No sitting on the floor in the middle of a gate.

Ranger U was a lot of fun! Super thanks to Tim and Robin for working so hard to make it a success. I can't wait to get home and explore some of the techniques and play with them to see what I can do. I already have some ideas especially for playing with fabric. ohhhh!

Just got a couple photos downloaded from my camera:

Here's a pic of Tim Holtz and I. Tim taught the weekend workshop and taught us 44 different techniques. How he was not totally exhausted is beyond me!

And Robin Beam, Tim Holtz and me. Robin runs the education program for Ranger, she worked hard making sure everything went smoothly this weekend and that we all had loads of goodies to bring home!

Now I'm going to try and scout out some food and then my flight should board. I have a good book to read too. See you tomorrow!


play time!
Today was fun! Played all day at Ranger U with all the products. You should see the giant box of supplies we will all get to take home, it's like Christmas! Good thing I brought a mostly empty suitcase!

This has gotten me out of my comfort-zone which is a good thing. I am not used to using inks, (being more of an acrylic paint girl at heart) so it has been fun learning about the different techniques. There are some really cool things you can do. I am excited to see how I can incorporate them and alter/change them for my own uses. I already have some ideas!

It'll be another busy day tomorrow. Class goes all day and then at night too + then Sunday too!


i'm here!
I'm here in New Jersey ready for Ranger U tomorrow. I had a good flight here all went smoothly. I did have a odd guy next to me who kept wiping his fingers on the seat in front of him and then in the Sky Mall catalog. I didn't look long enough to see what exactly he was wiping. It was gross enough to see the wiping action taking place. I really like reading the Sky Mall catalog but after watching him, I think I'll pass it up next time I am on a plane. ewww!

To distract myself from finger-wiping-man, I started reading this book on the way here. It's an anthology which is perfect for a short plane ride, lots of little stories that you can stop and start reading. I am a huge Judy Blume fan so I am really enjoying this book.

I had a nice ride out from the airport. The guy driving the cab told me all about his trip to China and how he got these giant Fu Dog statues to put in his front lawn. 350lbs each, yes 3-5-0 lbs. Shipped all the way from China. Wow! I bet the neighbors love that! Then he got out his photos from his trip and had me look at them. So cute!

Now I am all ready to get to bed and then tomorrow it's play time. It should be fun to experiment with some new things!


new jersey here i come!
I am headed out early in the morning to New Jersey! I will be attending Ranger U this weekend to learn more about their products and play a little bit. I'll be demoing at the Ranger booth again this Feb at CHA so it will be good to spend this time experimenting with their products and seeing how I can incorporate them into my work!

My hyper-critical-inner-critic brain still hasn't let up, thanks for all your comments, it's always nice to know you're not alone! I especially enjoyed reading Alix's post on her blog about her inner critic! Well said! I think
it will be good to get out this weekend and try something new and by the time I get back from NJ I will in a new frame of mind!

I'll be back late, late on Sunday night! Will see if I can get internet while on the road! See you soon!


perfect is not always good
Today I went to City Hall to take down my show. It didn't take long at all, always faster taking down a show than putting it up. I even met the mayor (but I think he thought that I was working there) he asked me what art show was coming next. So I told him. It's Jim Dine and Claus Oldenberg. Nice to be followed by such esteemed artists! Now I can say I showed at city hall before them. ha!

Then after that I ran to the art store to pick up more canvases then came home and started working. Then came home and worked on custom artwork orders (don't wait! Now's the time to get your Christmas orders in!) and then also tackled artwork for my new book.

The first part of my new book is due Nov 1st and I am getting all bunched up about it. I have been going through a hyper critical phase this past week where nothing I make is good enough and it is driving me crazy. All this perfectionism is really making it difficult to get work done. I no sooner select a color or an idea and then I go "no that's not good enough" and then I start over. Ugh! I need to shake this. I do this anytime I start on a major new project and it's very annoying. Perfectionism is the opposite of creativity and thinking something needs to be perfect is the worst way to start a creative project.

There's no easy way to resolve it when I get in this state of mind. Usually I keep forging ahead and keep making imperfect art until one day I wake up and am accepting of my (imperfect) work again. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks. It can get really old during those weeks though trying to shut up my inner voice that keeps saying "that's not good enough" ugh! shush nasty voice! Shush I tell you!


i can't resist
I know this is been a busy pet-photo-posting-week but I can't resist putting these up too.

Toby posing by our faux pumpkin in our Garden...


Toby and his Shih Tzu friend Gizmo just got done with their Halloween photo shoots. These are the baby bibs that I bought at the Target $1 Spot, they worked out great as cheap Halloween costumes!


prize winner!
The winner of my 700th blog post prize is ROBYN VICKERS! YAY! Robyn, send me an email with your address and I will send out your DVD! thank you to everyone for playing!


mabel says....
She hopes everyone had a relaxing weekend! She has enjoyed hearing about all your weekend plans while she napping in her favorite chair!


See you Monday!


700th post & a prize!
This is my 700th blog entry, I can hardly believe it! To celebrate, let's have a door prize! I would like to give away one signed copy of my Beeswax Collage DVD. Just add a short comment to this post below (how about telling me your plans for the weekend or if posting on Monday -- what you did this weekend) and I'll do the drawing on Monday evening! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win! Have a great weekend :)

EDITED SATURDAY 6:30PM: Wow you guys! this is so much FUN reading about all your weekend plans! I am loving all your comments. I sat here reading them with a big smile on my face. Love, love love hearing about what you guys are up to. Paul and I did gardening all day, we have lots and lots of flower beds so we weeded weeded and now we are tired! Now it's time for Thai food and maybe a Netflix movie (the Valet). See you later!

EDITED MONDAY 9:00PM EST: THE WINNER IS ROBYN VICKERS! YAY! Robyn, send me an email with your address and I will send out your DVD! thank you to everyone for playing!


visit to the dr
Went to the Dr today for a checkup and to get more migraine meds. I was the last appt and it took so long! I was there from 4:30 - 6pm and wasn't seen by the Dr until 5:45pm! That's the last time I book my appt at the end of the day.

At one point I wondered if they had forgotten about me. I was back in the exam room waiting for the Dr and about 45 min went by. I could hear them all chattering outside the door. I almost went out in my paper outfit to see if they remembered me and then he came in.

He wants me to get an MRI because of all the migraines I have. I am not happy about doing that. I have been seeing him since I was 18 with migraines, so why the MRI now? I think it's unnecessary and expensive (even with insurance). He went into a long explanation about how anyone with chronic headaches especially as many as I get (3-4 a week) should get an MRI to be on the safe side. I still think it's an unnecessary test but I have a feeling he will hold my imitrex hostage until I go and get it. Just the thought of that was enough to give me another migraine.
so tie tie
I have been completely exhausted all day. I had hoped to get some work done but that just wasn't happening. I sat in my studio, stared a blank canvas for 20 minutes and then went to bed and took a 2 hour nap.


I have learned the hard way that when I feel this tired it is futile to try and work in the studio. Usually I end up just making a big mess and getting angry and frustrated. It is better to wait until I am more awake, so instead I answered all my email, unpacked my cases, emptied the dishwasher and did a bunch of little things around the house so that way tomorrow will be a clear day to get some real work done. Hopefully by then, I will be more perky and all the travel exhaustion will have gone away!

Pushing Daises is on and I am DVRing it so Paul and I can watch when he gets home. I hope it's as good as last weeks' show.

see you tomorrow!


I'm home!
I made it home just a couple hours ago! I am exhausted.

I have no idea how I taught 7 classes in 5 days last year. This year I only taught 3 days and I am wiped out. Completely wiped OUT! It was great to see everyone, especially my other teaching buddies and my roomies Karen and Lesley. I miss you guys already!

It was an easy flight home with no delays in Texas (yay!!), not like my 22 hour odyssey I ended up with last year. I read this book on the flights to Portland last week (loved it!!). Then I read this book today on the way home. I bought it at the Portland airport based only on the fact that I thought the cover looked cool -- literally seconds before my flight boarded. It was OK, especially for a book judged solely on it's cover and it did help pass the time.

I have just tended to my email and now I am off to unpack, eat and recover. I hope to be able to be back in the studio tomorrow so I want to get plenty of rest tonight.

Thank you to everyone who took my classes! My next class will be in Feb in Bonita Springs FL. That feels a long way away but I can bet that it will be here before I know it!

I am off to watch House and rest, rest, rest!

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art & soul
It's been crazy busy here at Art and Soul! I forgot how busy teaching can be, no time to even check email or blog! gasp! Yesterday I taught all day and then sold artwork at vendor night. Today I taught all day and tomorrow is my last class and then I head home Tuesday. I can't believe it is almost over! I am off to grab some dinner and then collapse. I'll see you Wednesday when I get back home!

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portland here I come!
I am finally all packed and as ready as I will ever be for this workshop! Supplies have been double checked and my suitcases are ready to go! I will be teaching 3 classes and selling at Vendor night. If you live in Portland, stop by on Vendor night, Saturday October 6th, it's open to the public! Here are the details. I am bringing my lap top and will check in when I can! See you from the road!


pushing daisies
I am in LOVE with the new series Pushing Daisies. WOW! The colors in that show are amazing, the filming, the script, love it all. It's like if Big Fish were a TV show. I just hope it stays on the air and doesn't get canceled, it is such a good edgy show it's almost too good to be on network TV.


domestic bliss
In between working on custom artwork orders and other business stuff, today was all about housekeeping.

I did all my travel laundry plus extra laundry that needed to get done, I cleaned out the pantry, tidied the house, returned phone calls, emptied the dishwasher (I hate emptying the dishwasher!), I took out the trash, then I realized that it's Wednesday night and not Thursday night so I brought all the trash back into the garage. duh!

I even gathered up all the plastic shopping bags to take to recycling tomorrow (patting myself on the back) now if they actually make it to the recycling instead of riding around in my car for months, then I really will pat myself on the back!

Other than all that I did some last minute packing and shipping so I can get everything off before I leave. Tomorrow I'll run errands and then pack up all my luggage for Art and Soul. Good news is my big box that I shipped to Portland on Monday arrived today. Yay, the very expensive two day shipping was worth it!


today went like this...
.... have a nightmare that I am at Art & Soul with no teaching supplies and everyone taking my classes are mad at me, wake up with headache, take migraine pill, go back to bed, check email, talk to coach, begin packing for Art & Soul workshops, put everything in suitcases, take everything back out of suitcases, look at everything on the floor, wonder how I will get it all to Portland, repack everything leaving some items out, worry that I now do not have enough supplies, put items I left out back in suitcases, give up and decide I will resume packing Thursday, walk Toby, talk to Bernie, work on custom artwork orders and artwork for new book, glue almost finished artwork down, realize there are air bubbles (darn it) rip everything apart and start again, check email, write this blog post. whew!

See you tomorrow!


waiting to play
This new book that I ordered from Amazon came today. I can't wait to test it out to see if I can create my own pop-up books from scratch. Now to find the the TIME to play! That's the hard part!


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