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I've still barely come up for air getting everything ready for the Martha Stewart Show and finishing other work I had scheduled for this week too.

Today I sent off a big box to the Martha Stewart offices. The gal at the Pak Mail Store was very patient with me when I asked to touch the Fed Ex label to make sure it was secure, not once but twice. I told her I had to touch it to make sure it was stuck on, otherwise I would go home and imagine it falling off. Maybe other people ask her the same thing because it didn't seem to phase her one bit. She let me rub on that little Fed Ex label until my heart was content!

Later in the day I met with our new pet sitter for a first visit/interview. Our old sitter moved away so we had to find a new one (we miss you Laura!). This gal is super nice and I am sure Stan and Mabel will love visiting with her while Paul and I are in NYC. (Toby will be at my Mom and Dad's)

Good news is that Paul will be coming with me! We are so glad Paul could get off of work! Thank you Paul's Office for letting Paul come with me! I will need him for moral support!

I keep having nightmares that my segment on Martha will end up on The Soup or Best Week Ever. That would be a nightmare! Really hope that doesn't happen. Here's to an uneventful TV appearance!

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when will the show air???? i think ihave missed that post. you are going to do great! i can't wait to watch.
Sweet Claudine, I wish I had a way to ease your mind. I know you'll be great and everything will be fine. The audience will love you. And when you get back home, you'll have a flood of orders and a million licensing offers!

BTW...been meaning to tell you about my "shipping guy" across the street. This guy is AMAZING!! I take all of my special projects to him to pack (like the paper wedding cakes for Brides Mag). He owns the business and packs everything himself, custom making boxes to fit with double walls, etc. for very little money.

It's a hike for you, but might be a good option for extra delicate's The Packaging Store on Central Fla. Pkwy in the Publix Plaza :-)

hi there! it will air Sept 12th, it's a live show :)
I am sure that you will be fine! Just think of it as a teaching class. I took 2 of your classes and you where very poised, organized and a wonderful teacher! Kudos to you! It is very exciting to see you flying high!
you are going to be incredible!
cannot wait to view it!
Can't wait to see the show...everything will be great!! I'm sure you'll be able to "feel" all of us cheering you on!
Claudine, you're so cute! You teach alot of classes, you've written books, and you've made DVD's. You are a fantastic artist and teacher. Don't worry yourself into a migraine!!!
Everything will work out perfectly... Martha will love you...and your business will flourish after this show :)
Congratulations, Claudine. Sending good thoughts your way! You'll do a great job! Have fun, ENJOY!
Live tv is very stressful but you are poised and funny and you will be GREAT! Once you get there and you do a million walk throughs, you will feel so much more at ease. It's also really fun to see how they do your makeup and to get in on all the gossip :)
It will be so awesome- you'll have a dressing room with a gift basket. It's heaven, seriously.
Hey, and if you do make it on The Soup, all the better! You have to enjoy the moment and just go with it.
If pep talks don't work, I suggest drinking lots of dayquil before you go on. :)
claudine - you are going to rock that show!! i can't wait to see it!!
I'm sure you will be great. It should be wonderful experience. Have fun!
Breathe Claudine, in out, in out. And remember how many of us will be watching and sending out good vibes to you!
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