martha update
The show date is confirmed! I will be on The Martha Show Sept 12th! It will be a LIVE show!! I guess she does some episodes live-to-tape but this one will be LIVE. akkk!!

Back to work for me! I have lots of prep work to do for the projects!
You'll be GREAT !! Knock 'em out !!! (I'm off to set up the DVR !!)
Hooray for you!!!
From your blog I know you are a big fan of martha' am I.

I wish you the best!

wow wow wow! That's not very far away. Can't wait Congrats!
I am so happy for you Claudine ! Can't wait to see you on Martha.
wow how great and exciting is that. Do they tell you what you are to do, do they suggest things. I always wondered how things in tv land work.
lee - yes I had to submit samples months ago for review so the project is already chosen. Now this week I have to make all the step outs for both me and Martha and then make templates for her web site too. lots of work! but it will be so worth it!!
oh that is just too cool!!!! congrats, i will be watching and cheering you on!!!!you deserve all the success inthe world!!!
kathy :-)
Yeah! Time for you to get ready and me to figure out when in the heck is on out here. Hopefully it won't change between then and now!

Eeeeek! Wow! and Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

First, I can't even express how thrilled I am for you.

Second, I've got some cards to make for you ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Claudine. What will you show/display/teach on the show...OMG, what are you going to wear???!!!
Fabulous. I will be watching. Happy for you.
WOW! You are a super star! I can't wait to see the show! I love Martha! Yay!
Hurray for you! That is so incredibly cool; I cannot wait to see your episode!
oh claudine! this is fabulous...i cannot wait to see the episode! you rock.
TRIPLE ARM PUMP!! Claudine - this is radical. Totally awesome!! Congrats and I can't wait to watch!
Wow this is great news you go girl knock em dead.
OOOOH Congrats can't wait to watch!
Congrats, you'll do great!!
This is so awesome! You are gonna do a GREAT job! I have already marked the date in my calendar and will be in front of my tv cheering you on!
Horray! I am so happy for you!!

I have taken several classes from you at Portland and watch you everytime you appear on HGTV - You are such a genuine person and it is a pleasure just to be around you ...good to know the rest of the world will soon find out what some of us have known for years!

Hey, Claudine

Beth here from Florence, AL. I'm so excited about seeing you on The M. Stewart show! We're going to set our TV so I won't miss it!

I'll be praying for you for steady nerves and that all will go well!

Bravo! I'm so happy for you!

Love 'n Hugs,

Beth :)~
I just marked the date on my calendar so I won't forget to watch. Sept. 12th is SOON! But you've done this before so you will be fine!!! Oh this is soooo exciting! Be sure to tell Martha about Toby, Stanley and Mabel if you get a chance because she is such a huge pet lover. I'm off to spread the word to all my friends now. . .
Claudine, I stumbled across your blog and absolutely love it. My dream is to do what you do, to wallow in creativity instead of my dead end job. You inspire me and I am sure you will be amazing on MS!!! Best of Luck!
thanks guys! I am super excited! I got my nose tot he grindstone getting everyone done!, this is so wonderful Claudine, congrats, congrats, congrats! I knew in my heart it was only a matter of time:-)
That's such great news!! I am so happy for you!!!
oh my goodness, how EXCITING claudine! i have the TiVo set ready to grab your taping on 9.12 - my bday, woo hoo! i'm THRILLED for you and how far you've come. the martha show is tops! cheers to you, rachel
That is very very exciting! I can't wait to see it. I am setting my DVR now!!
Oh my gosh! I'm so excited! I don't have Tivo but I definately need to figure out a way to watch :) :) :)
Super congratulations Claudine!!! I may have to leave work so I can catch the show live!!!
Yea! For those of us who need the thump on the head, I hope you'll email us again the day before. But it's on my calendar. Break a leg!
Claudine, this is so wonderful! It couldn't happen to a more talented and lovely person...Martha and her audience are going to fall in love with you! Congratulations!!
Congrts! I can't wait to see it!
congrats!!! you'll be great!
Congrats Claudine!!!
Can't wait to see it, will tune in that day.
good luck.
OMG!! Congrats to you! What an incredible opportunity - I wish you lots of luck - I know you'll do a fantastic job! I'm so excited for you!!!!
This is soooo exciting Claudine!!! I can't wait to tune in!! Congratulations!!!!

Is it a definate? I think I'm going to take the day off. I CAN'T MISS IT.
Congratulations! I am setting up my DVR as soon as I get home tonight since I am never at home during the day to watch it live. Can't wait to see it.
I'll be tuning in FOR SURE!
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