Believe it or not, I am still getting custom artwork orders done amongst all the Martha Stewart Show preparations!

Here are three Sitting Pretty PoppetsĀ® that I just finished up of these cute kids and their pup! As you can see, he likes baseball and she plays the violin and the doggie is a total diva!

Today I was interviewed by Hal Boedeker, the TV critic at the Orlando Sentinel about my Martha appearance. That was fun!

He let me know that The Martha Show air times are changing in a lot of areas starting with the new season on Monday. Check your TV listings for the new air times. It used to show here at 11am but will be moving to 2pm starting Monday. Good thing I know now! I wouldn't want to miss taping it!

I still have lots left to do and only a few days to get it done! I am starting to get really excited!

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Once again...I am so thrilled! And these came out georgeous!
These sitting poppets are WONDERFUL!!! I think the recipient will be thrilled!!!
I am sooooo super-excited for you, and I know you will be great on Martha Stewart. Just be your charming self! You know we're all gonna be out here cheering and clapping for you. I'm glad Paul's going along for company, because you will also want somebody near and dear to celebrate with when it's over!

Good luck, have fun, don't forget to breathe, and see you in Portland at Art & Soul!
Go Claudine Go! You are ROCKING!
Love the artwork - the dog is my favorite! the poppets. Love the pug! Congrats on the Martha appearance AND the Sentinel interview - you're on fire!!! :)
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