stan says hi!
Stanely says hi from his new favorite sleeping place!


He's a silly boy! He just started this sink sleeping habit a couple months ago. His favorite sleeping sink is in our Master bath where we have two sinks and he only sleeps in Paul's, not mine. hee hee! I was going to send this pic into Cats In Sinks but it appears as though the site is down, hope it's not gone forever! oh no!

EDITED: Cat's In Sinks web site is working now! I sent in Stans pic. yay!


Awwwwe, what a sweet boy!
Too funny - it appears that Cats in Sinks is back up, at least this morning anyway.
He's so proh - I love ginger kittehs! Can you tell I've been to CO this morning, too?

Our Boo likes sinks occasionally. He love boxes best, tho. And dishpans -- have the sink feel, but no risk of a dripping faucet!
Hi Claudina,
That is so funny, my Sally who is now in heaven use to do the same thing,
I just made a canvas about her on my blog, she looked so much like your Stan.
I just love your pet pictures.
Oh, that is precious!
I was able to get on the Cats in Sinks site. One of our former family members, Doobers, loved to sleep in the bathroom sink. Here's a site you might get a kick out of
some of these cats really do look like hitler.
LOLOL! That's a great picture!
My Dusty likes to sleep in the tub! :-)

Judy K
My old cat did that. So adorable. :0)
Hi Stan! Peter loves the sink too, he has to have "wadie" (water) all of the time. He lets it pour all over his head. Silly beast! The pepper cats all live at We love new kitty pals!
Hi Stan!! LOL, my "Mozart" loves to sleep in the sink too :) too cute!
Our Frankie occasionally sleeps is the sink, too. Stanley is too cute! Thanks for posting this!
Sometimes my cat likes our bathroom sink too. Weird. I mean, there a lot more comforatble places in our house!
Sierra loves to sleep in the they have a labs who sleep in tubs, but hate baths site?

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