good news!
Yay! my internet is back! It wasn't without a fight. The Bright House tech guy comes today for our appt. Then when he realizes it is a neighborhood outage he says "oh that's another service call, I have to call it in and it will be another 72 hours before we can fix it"

72 hours!!!

My head about exploded. They knew it was a neighborhood outage yesterday and they sent this guy to stand in our house for 15 seconds and tell us it would be another 72 hours! Paul got on the phone with them and got it worked out and it was fixed an hour or so later. Yay! He's the neighborhood hero!

I am now connected to the world again. I felt so lost without my internet!


YES, its bad when you feel like you lost your right arm or something when either the computer is down or no internet....been there and done that!
Glad to see you are back online!!!
Claudine, sounds like full moon fever! Our cable/internet here in the Newport Beach, California area was down for nearly eight hours yesterday!

Like you I did get 'other things' done...but I agree - you feel cut off from the world!
You just confirmed to me why I don't miss Florida!! LOL Don't miss those bad power outages and the heat! It's fun to visit though!

Glad you're back up and running, I know how bad it is to miss the internet when you do so much online. It drives me nuts when it's not working right!!!
ah...I remember those times when I worked for Bright House and spent most of the time helping friends get good service instead of working on the web....I still have connections, next time let me know...that tech did not handle that correctly...
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