illustration friday: the blues
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "the blues"

(click image to enlarge)
This is a piece I created for a 2009 calendar of my work by TeNeues .

I think it works with this quote:
"All Milly needed was a little gardening to chase away the blues....."


Ooo, this is lovely Claudine!
i like her potted flowers; michael dailey
I love the style..the combo b/w heads with drawings. It has a sort of subtle surrealism, and yet feels very organic.
This is such a warm illustartion, it makes me feel good to look at it (i think its her smile, and your beautiful little flowers).
As always, a stunning piece, and i have to say, i LOVE your style of illustration.
I love it, nice mix of simple, childlike work with a retro feel - from a fellow Orlandian? Great piece!
Hi Claudine,

Lovely piece of work!

yes, she certainly has chased away the blues! a visual delight!!!
Wonderful and bright and surely chased away any blues I had leftover !
Great colors Claudine and yes, gardening does help chase away the blues!
Claudine, she is way too happy for the blues. :-)))
Gardening does seem to chase away those blues! Nicely done.
wonderful as always!

~one girl show
It's a good idea for chasing away the blues. Your works are so delicate.
It certainly looks like it's working! Her smile is radiant! What a really lovely piece, Claudine:>
Beautiful work, and yes, gardening can be great therapy!
Oh this one makes me smile!!! Love it!
Thanks for the comment on my illo. I love your style, too. I got my BFA at UCF (small world)!
A 2009 te neues calendar? Hopefully it will be available over here. I always carry on of theirs around in my handbag. One with your creations will be awesome to use. Oh, well, still one year to go...
Oh! what a wonderful smiling lady!
Awww. No blues for her. I bet that lady has a apple pie in the oven too. Great illustration.
Charming piece and a nice interpretation of the topic! Love it!
I love that she appears to be amused by some goings on in the neighborhood. Her raised shoulder and sweet smile make her look wonderfully humble.:)

I enjoyed watching you on the Martha website. You were great!!
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