happy anniversary paul!
Happy 6th wedding anniversary to my wonderful and amazing husband Paul!


I can't believe it has been six years already! Thank you for being such a patient, incredible husband and friend. Thank you for taking such good care of me every single day! Without you, I would be living on microwave popcorn and cereal ;)
happy anny!!!
happy anniversary !!
Happy Anniversary..its inspiring to see that people still value marriage and love. I have wondered if true love still existed and stories like yours give me hope :) Have a great one!
Oh...that means Stanley is one too!!! happy birthday stanley and happy 6th claudine and paul!
smiles, andra
That was a magical day --- can't think where the years have flown. I'm so proud of you both.
Congratulations, you two!!
Claudine, I just checked the website for Martha's show on Wednesday and your name was there - woo-hoo! Mark Marrone, the animal expert is going to be on that day too and he always brings fun animals with him and they roam all over. You're going to love him since you are such an animal lover. Maybe Toby, Stan and Mabel should go along with you!!!! LOL
Congratulations on your anniversary!
Happy Anniversary !! It IS amazing how time husband and I celebrated 20 years this went by in the blink of an eye! Enjoy the trip to NYC as a little anniversary celebration. Have a wonderful time on the Martha'll be fantastic, so just ENJOY it all !!
Happy anniversary to you and Paul!!! I just celebrated mine too (21 years)!!
happy anniversary to you both!! i hope you can relax and enjoy it during the midst of this exciting time! :-)
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