getting ready!
Since Friday I have been in a whirlwind getting ready for the Martha Stewart Show. I just about have all the step outs created and have to get a few more things ready. Don't worry if you are one of my custom artwork clients, your artworks are still on schedule. I worked nearly 24/7 this weekend so I wouldn't miss a beat this week with my custom artwork orders!

Even though I am ahead of schedule there is still a lot of work to do, especially because I want to make sure everything is perfect. I have no idea if I'll be able to get to the store to try to find a new shirt or two. Thankfully sweet Megan at Harrilu has come to my rescue, she is shipping to me a few of her super cute shirts so I will have them to bring with me! thank you Megan!

I am slathering Skin MD natural shielding lotion on my hands every couple of hours. Hopefully this will whip my hands into shape so they won't look so horrible on the show. Normally my hands are always covered in paint and gel medium so they get really dry and sad looking!

I am off to bed - another busy day tomorrow!
You are going to be great! I don't know what I would do if I had to get my hands looking pretty in such a short time, I always have paint on them...I can't believe there is such short notice for you.
Congratulations on getting onto the Martha show. Wow I think that is just the coolest thing to get to do as an artist. I admire and fear her. giggle:)

Best of Luck for a fabulous show and great looking hands:)
Congratulations, Claudine! Wow, this is great.
a live show, wow!!!! you will be great though- just be yourself :) and know that all your buddies will be glued to the TV cheering for you!!!
no worries, you will be fabuloso!!!!
I think this will be the beginning of very big things for you in your career, Claudine. I can't think of a more deserving person. You are a working and promoting whirlwind..the sky is the limit!
WOW,Congratulations hun!
I Added you yesterday on SIS and today i was looking your profile and ended up here!
I'm so happy for you,your work is so stunning and inspiring!
Once again huge congrats you'll rock!
Oh and if you don't mind I'll link you on my blog,now i want to come and visit you always!:0)
you'll be wonderful ~ you can feel all your positive energy off your blog so on TV you'll be brilliant, just smile your lovely smile :) Judy
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