bath time for toby
Just got done giving Toby a bath and he is not happy about it at all. He does not appreciate bath time!

To make matters worse, Stanley kept jumping in and out of the bathtub while Toby was in there and it made Toby so mad! hee hee. Stan was naughty and was taunting him!

This time next week, I will be getting ready to head to Portland for my last teaching event of the year. There are still a couple spaces in one of my classes so if you are local to Portland check out the Art and Soul web site if you would like to join me! Also don't forget to stop by for vendor night which will be Saturday October 6th.

I also have all my classes listed on my web site for 2008, I will only be teaching at the locations listed (only 4!) so if you are near any of these locations sign up now before classes are filled!

Today was filled with lots of work, so I am off to relax for a little bit in front of the TV! See you tomorrow!

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My Toby hates baths too! Cute picture :)
Hey Claudine, you might want to check your link to the workshops. I just tried it and it didn't work for me. Love that pic of Toby, and that story is so funny about Stan taunting him!!!
can you hear me laughing.....andra
the link seems to be working now! maybe my site was down for a bit.
Oh, how I would love to take one of your workshops. You are amazing, Claudine!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Tessa Ann
Oh, what a cute, poor dog!
Hope to see you & your workshop in the netherlands someday!
Hey there,
thanks for the comment...

I know this comment will sound weird to those who haven't seen your post on my blog, but I'm now on a search to find you a carnivorous baby-eating kitty for xmas. It will be cute..sort of.

see you next week,
Jumping for joy! I'll be in your class in Portland! Looking forward to meeting you!
Toby is so sweet!!!!! Wish I could take one your workshops!
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