weekend update
This weekend was of course all about Harry Potter for me. Paul got up early on Saturday and went to Barnes & Noble so I could have the book before I even woke up. Love my husband!!

But before I could settle down to enjoy reading, I had to get some work done. I worked on custom artwork orders, email, paperwork and such and THEN had a nice shower and got all ready to snuggle down to read! I read from 3pm-9pm and then Paul and I watched a movie, After the Wedding.
Linda you were right! Lots of eye and mouth close-ups in that movie. But it was good.

Today I cleaned the house a bit, Paul and I met my mom and dad for a nice lunch. Then I did some more work on custom artwork orders and also did some packing and shipping too. I just started reading again and plan to read well into the night! See you tomorrow!!

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admire your self-discipline! enjoy!
I love Harry Potter!

(Do you ever feel like the word verification thingie is sometimes one of the spells from the wonderful world of Harry Potter?)

Like mine right now is:


It seems like a word that'd be in a Harry Potter book.
i'm still waiting for a copy from the library.... hope it'd come in soon. happy reading!

( and if you ever need a bookmark, come check out this forums )
so sweet of paul! i've only read the first one so far, so i have a long way to go!
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