I dropped the artwork off at City Hall and all went smoothly. I don't get to see it all hung up probably until next week. Maybe Friday, so I'll take photos as soon as I can get there!

My wonderful rep, Jennifer, sent Stan and Mabel the cutest cat tent today! She is such a sweetie! Here are some photos of Stan and Mabel checking it out. It is already a hit!! Thank you so much Jen!!

first Mabel tries it out....

then Stanley....

...Toby wants one too!

I have a big migraine (woke up with it this morning and it won't go away), so off to bed for me!


I feel for you... I had the worst migraine the whole weekend. I was so excited to see your new cat tent. I have the same exact one (and the orange pillow too). My younger kitty LOVES it! Sometimes she gets confused and tries to go underneath the tent inside of inside it. Crazy kitty! Hope you feel better.
ugh, i had a migraine all afternoon, but fortunately it's gone now. i hope that some rest will help and that you'll be migraine free tomorrow!

love the pic of mabel and toby. :-)
that's too cute!
You poor sweetie, hopefully you woke up feeling much better today. Migraines stink, I know that all too well unfortunately. That little tent is too cute!
Did i tell you that Rachel has been playing in helena's little doll tent too? She peeks out of the flap then springs! It looks great...I am sure stanley will love it!! Smiles, Andra
The tent has a very slimming effect on Mabel. She's never looked so svelte!

My cats LOVE their tents. Enjoy! You'll get lots of great laughter and photos and stories out of them for certain.
That is the best cat tent ever.
Also, what kind of doggie is that?
I'm a sucker for little dogs.
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