random thoughts tuesday
this is what I did today:
  • worked on custom artwork orders
  • wrestled with Stanley and managed to trim his nails
  • talked to my friend Missy
  • answered lots of emails
  • talked to Bernie
  • talked to Cynthia, she's coming over to visit tomorrow! yay!
  • asked my friend Martha if she will help me cut the wood for my frames on her table saw. Yes she will! yay! thanks Martha!! who knows! Maybe I will even like it and want one of my own!
  • discovered a whole family of tadpoles living in our fountain (even though it's on! I have no idea how they do not get caught in the pump!) I went out there to put some chemicals in the fountain to clean it and discovered tadpoles well on their way to becoming froggies. Of course now I can't clean the fountain until they are all grown up and move away!!


thanks for linking my etsy to your favs, Claudine! excited about Martha, can't wait to read more... btw...sent Bernie a donation for her cause, all thanks to you for taking us there! xoC
Hi Claudine, I don't know where I've been but just discovered your blog (and I get your newsletter. duh). I got a set of greeting cards with some of your collage work from Amber Lotus. They're so beautiful. Just thought you'd like to know. (I took a class from you in 2005 at Art & Soul East). :)
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