rainy day
It was crazy rainy here today, which is a good thing because we need it. Everything is parched.

But the cloudy rainy weather made me sleepy all day. I had a hard time working. Toby didn't like it because it ruined his walks and Stan and Mabel aren't happy about their favorite bird watching seats on the porch being all wet!

Even though it was rainy and I was sleepy, I did get some work done.

I got a couple of custom artworks further along. One is a big one with 8 people in it! It was giving me a hard time, figuring out how to dress everyone so they don't clash, but I think I managed to beat it into submission. I had to put it away and will look at it tomorrow to see if I liked what I did today!

Tomorrow I have to run some errands in the morning, my sister in-law and I are inventing something and we have to pick up the prototype - it's top secret, so I'll tell you more later!!

Then tomorrow night we are going out to dinner, it's Paul's birthday! Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!

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You know, I am glad you posted about going out to dinner and that I clicked on that link. I realized that one thing I really miss about Massachusetts is having lots of really good restaurants all within driving distance. Around here it's a crap shoot. Ithaca has some ok restaurants, but most are prohibitively expensive for not so much. I miss getting dressed up and going out to a "grown up" restaurant and having good food and good wine and all that goes along with it. I have lost that since moving back here. I think I'll have to make it happen, and since I have a birthday coming up, I have an excuse!
Happy Birthday to Paul, from another Gemini!
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