what happened with 'on the lot'!?
I had a crazy busy day today and now I have a migraine. I was all ready to snuggle down and enjoy On The Lot and I think they changed the format! It got all "American Idol" all of a sudden, and I don't mean that in a good way. What happened to them showing the creative process like they did in the first two episodes? Where did the footage of them making a movie in 1 hour go? Is this how all the rest of the episodes are going to be? Watching the finished product movies and then a long hour to see who gets voted off. I don't like it!! Grrr!


I agree with you... it is painful to watch and I am loosing interest in what could have been a great summer show.

Kathy in CA
I just caught the one this week while channel surfing, my husband and I liked it, although we didn't see the other format so we can't compare it.
No kidding, way to wreck a very cool creative show concept!!! Soooo disappointed with what they did last night, not to mention, the women voted off and that terrible film about the so-called nerd (yes, I was offended too, Carrie) being voted as a favorite! Who is watching this? They can have it now...too bad.
OMG... You are so right... If the season finally of House weren't scheduled to follow it, we would have changed channels.. It was painful.
What potential for a great show too... along the same line as Project Runway...
too bad.
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