long day....
Today seemed like an exceptionally long day. I woke up wide awake at 5am after only 3 hours of sleep, full of worry and ideas and pent up energy. I worked on stuff until 7:30am and then went back to bed. Then got up "at my regular time" and worked some more.

About 3:30pm Mabel comes down with a weepy eye (it was fine all day! then 3pm it's weepy!) so I rushed her off to the vet before they closed at 5pm. These things always happen on a Friday just before the vet closes for the weekend, thankfully they squeezed us in. The vet didn't even mention Mabel's tubby belly. She's only 13.4lbs, but she looks MUCH bigger don't you think? She is on a strict diet and we monitor her food like crazy, she's just always chubby. She goes in next week for her annual exam, I think he'll probably bring out the fat cat-size charts then.

Paul left today for Ohio a reunion/50th wedding anniversary so I am left to my own devices for feeding myself. Fortunately he made Martha Stewart's Mac N Cheese recipe before he left so I am reheating that. Maybe it will last until he gets back on Sunday or else I'll be eating cereal and microwave popcorn again!

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Hope the weepy eye gets better!! Oh and you don't starve this weekend. ;)
our previously fat cat used to sit in the very same buddha position.
Mabel is so sweet, she just tugs at my heart. I hope her weepy eye is all better now.

Some cats are like people. No matter what kind of exercise they get or what type of diet they are on they are just going to be chubby.

My kitty was on a diet for the 10 years we had her and she only lost about 2 lbs total.
I am going to try this mac and cheese since my cook (aka hubby) is away this week also. I am addicted to Moosewood Cookbooks mac and cheese but am always looking for something new.
Love Mabels pose, makes you want to rub her tummy.
Have fun
Aha! So that's how you do it! You have a hubby who cooks!! (hmmmmm.)

Mabel is so cute.
That is the cutest picture of Mabel ever!
mabel is wonderful - every little inch of her.
I love this picture of Mabel. She's quite the butterball! I'd love to ball her up in my arms like a big baby! Stanley always has that look of mischief in his eyes. I bet he keeps you giggling. And gosh, I hate cooking too! Once, my dh took my youngest son out of town and my oldest wanted to spend a few days with his Granny. Well, I spent the entire 3 days alone in my art studio from 6 am to 10pm every night, never got out of my pajamas, and ate only cereal the whole time. I was sorta' scaring myself! LOL! What did people do before cereal?!?
LOL! Mabel may be fat, but she is so cute as a roly poly fur ball! So content! Hope her weepy eyes are under control by now.

all tuckered out haha CUTE!
what a cute photo
awww what an adorable pic. i love fat cats. i try to keep mine slim but she's fabulous as is.
hahaha lol!
love this picture so much!!!
Heh, heh. This kitty picture is hysterical.
Do you not cook? Oh please tell me that there is another woman out there that doesn't cook and is okay with that. I continually battle with
What a gorgeous little chubster!

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