it's tuesday!
Not much super exciting going on around here today. Just working on stuff and getting orders done, sending out press releases trying to drum up good PR. I'll let you know if it works!

I talked to Bernie on the phone while she was driving back from Wisconsin and she has found a forever home for Noel! Yay! I can't wait for her to blog about it tomorrow!

Also all 84 (wow!!!) of the puppies and kitties from the last 2 transports have been adopted out! These are all fur babies who wouldn't be alive if it weren't for all of Bernie's hard work and YOUR donations! That is so exciting! Thank you to everyone who donated to Bernie and helped her. Unfortunatley more money is always needed, so please think of Bernie when you would like to help out a good cause.

Here's a new photo of Mabel! I couldn't resist! I am going to have take some pics of Stan too, I've been on a Mabel photography trend lately!


I love, love, love, Mabel... She must be as sweet as she looks!!!

Kathy in CA
oh...How cute she is!

Anyway, I love your works so much.

I have learn many things from your books.

(This is my blog where I put my collages with cantos, hope you like it!

Ohhh, what a chubber. I have a thing for fat cats. She made me smile. :)
Great to hear that Noel has a forever home and that all puppies and kitties were adopted. Love Mabel's white belly. She looks so comfy and cozy.
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