file back up services?
This weekend I spent some time looking into online file backup services. I am paranoid about losing my files. I have an external harddrive but it has started making funny noises so that's what prompted this sudden search.

So far I have looked at:

Xdrive (their web site gives me a file error when I try to upgrade to the 50GB so I am leary about it)

Carbonite (their free trial isn't working for me right now, grr!)

Mozy (cute site! I haven't tried the trial yet)

Does anyone use this sort of service and can anyone recommend one? Preferably one that isn't really expensive, like no more than $10 a month.

thanks for your input!


I had troubles with XDrive as well as a former member. Constant loading errors. I gave up. I am myself in the market for an external hd and am considering Mozy.
I have successfully used Carbonite which is $50 per year. I have lots of photos.
I got the Carbonite free trial to start working and am backing up now to see if I like it.

thanks for letting me know it works for you :)
I cant say enough good things about Mozy - I absolutely love it! I highly recommend checking it out :)
My external has been making funny noises too, lately! What is going on? I'll be interested to hear what you choose.

Thanks for stopping by my site the other day. I had comments from you and Linda - I felt like such a rockstar that day! And thank you for the inspiration. You are the best.
I must admit I don't really back up my stuff, though I know that I should:( I try to use all online services so that I don't really have to save much locally. I've heard that is fairly good (
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