As you can see I just got finished re-doing my web site and blog. There is still more to fuss with, but I am too tired to mess with it any longer.

I'd like to thank....

Huge thanks to Karen Michel for helping me with the CSS coding. Web site coding has seriously passed me by since I used to do web design. Also thanks to Jenny at Websy Daisy for coding the new blogger template. I know it was a brute and I appreciate it!

Thank you to my good friend Brian for doing my logo and "look". Love it! And to Jennifer for helping me with my re-branding.

Thanks to you guys for your help with the self-interview questions! I loved all of them! I used a few on my new about me page and will add more later. Any others I'll answer here or in a new podcast! Thanks again for your help!

OK I am off to bed!


Your site looks awesome!
So cool! Love it!
Wow, what a surprise! Great new look. It's so compatible with your current style.
Love the new look - especially the tagline "hip art for playful hearts." That's just how I would describe your workshop.
Congratulations on the new look. The new About page is wonderful... a glimpse into your life. Thank you for sharing.
Hi Claudine. Popped in for a quick visit and was pleasantly surprised by your fresh new look. It looks great!
oh! i really like the new fresh colors.
Congrats Claudine! The site looks great!
Truly a wonderful new look - and just in time for Spring and Summer - very uplifting and bright - the way I imagine YOU!

Love the tag line - Hip art for playful hearts. Couldn't be better!

Keep your Art beat going :)
Claudine, GREAT job on the branding. The logo, tag line, and site designs really bring your authentic personality to the forefront. Bravo to you and your support team!
Hi Claudine! I LOVE your new look so much!! I like that it's lighter and more playful! Triple Arm Pump for that!
Looks great chickie! so much more YOU. Hugs from the furbabies. Lulu misses you and keeps wandering into your room and chirping to see if you're in there LOL!

Hugs... C
Very nice new look. :)
I totally love the new look and feel. I especially like the story behind the Poppet name. Too cute!
OMG, Claudine - I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look. Congratulations - it's fabulous.

Jeepers, it's been forever since we've talked. I'm lurking every few days to see what you've been up to. Everything sounds wonderful.

Hi Claudine! Love the new look!! Very funky and bright. I watched your new Beeswax DVD (along with my DD - 7yrs) last night and it's fabulous!! I've put in an order for one of those small irons and once that arrives, I can't wait to have a play. Thank you so much for making the world of Beeswax so inviting/exciting. Hugs to you NatalieB
i really love the new look! you have done a great job. crisp, clean and oh so happy!

keep the creativity coming!
Congratulations Claudine! Your new website and blog looks great and very much in tune with the style of your work.

Very nice!
Love the new layout! Isn't Jenny a dream. Oh and you are on Craft Lab Wednesday!
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