JDRF Walk for a Cure - walk day!
Today was the JDRF Walk for a Cure. We got up early to be at the UCF campus by 8am. Toby riding along in his car seat. It was really super cold out this morning and overcast and blustery but we all warmed up once we started walking. Our team was for my niece Maiya and we were called "Maiya's Dinosaurs" because she loves dinosaurs. We even had special matching t-shirts all to wear!

Here are a few photos from the day!

Here's Maiya and her little sister Madison wearing our team t-shirts!

Maiya got up on stage in front of everyone (all 500 people!) and spoke about having diabetes, about getting shots every day and checking her blood. She was super brave and a great speaker! Interviewing her is Amanda Ober from our local Channel 2 news station.

Toby and Madison comparing strollers....

Maiya with her mom and dad!

Maiya with Paul and I (can you tell Paul and Pat are twins!!)

It was a wonderful day full of great memories! Toby had a fabulous time walking and also riding in his stroller too! Afterwards I did get my delicious nap, I was exhausted - we all were! Toby is still sleeping!! I wanted to get some work done tonight but I am just too worn out. Tomorrow I will start fresh!

Thank you so much to those of you who sponsored us on our walk for a cure for Maiya! We truly appreciate it!!

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Best wishes to your niece - she is a little trooper.
You all look amazing. I can't wait to see you with kids of your own Claudine. You look so lovely with
Maiya and Toby. Will be keeping my fingers crossed
for Maiya; with her very own dinosaur team, she can't
help but hit a home run. I am happy to hear that her TV interview went so well. Maiya is indeed a beautiful and brave little girl. Toby looks so handsome.
How very cool to have a twin for a husband. Madison is a total cutie too. Glad you will be resting this evening.
All the best,

I'm so glad to hear that your niece was able to get the pump. My dearest friend has a 13 year old daughter with diabetes, and the pump has really made their life a little easier.

Your niece is such a cutie.

Garden Painter Art
How sweet...what a great day you had. And Toby has a stroller just like Abby! :)
What a great cause... best wishes to your niece. Hope that you have a productive day.
super cute photos! Paul & his brother look exactly alike- CRAZY!!! great phot of you three :)
your welcome, glad to help out, chronic illness in kids is so tough on everybody, I wish your darling niece a healthy, happy life:-)
what a special day ! And of course, Toby is beyond adorable in his stroller.
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