illustration friday: snap
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "snap"

(click image to enlarge)

I have been busy working away on artwork for my line of cards with The Greeting Place.

I have made 17 new pieces of art in approx 20 days! wow!! That is a lot for me!! I am not usually that fast of a worker, but it had to get done and it did and I am so excited about working with them on this card line.

Anyway here's another shoe shopper that I created for the line. I think it works for the IF theme with the quote:

"Mildred always prided herself on being a snappy dresser"

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She is too! I love her dress!

Can't wait to see your cards when I'm out shopping. So happy that good things are happening for you. You're quite the talent. :)
From the thumbnail I was worried that a lady was going to step off a box with a noose around her neck...which would have been a big departure from your typically cheery work...glad all is going well!
Love the light fixture! Another great piece Claudine!
Great, great! I love your style!
Just stopped by to catch up and see that you redesigned! Me, too! Love your new look....and new work! xoC
That Mildred, always the fashion plate! I'll look forward to seeing ( and buying) your cards! Congrats on your success :)
Cute pic. I'll take the flats in the back, please!
Just reviewed your new Beeswax DVD last night and
just loved it. All 3 of your DVDs are home runs.
Hope you have more DVDs and books in store for the near future.
Perfect for "snap" and i LOVE the fresh new look Claudine wow! It's just as your tagline reads, hip & playful =) Congrats on your new card line too - it's sure to be a success!
Wow, congratulations! Sounds like you just have so many amazing things going on! Love this piece. Hope to see your cards locally someday!!
Fresh piece. Love the look.
truly awesome claudine!
Nicely done!
Hi Claudine,

I love your new illustrations! I have your Collage Discovery book and it is the best collage book I own. Great job!
Beautiful work, Caludine!
I LOVE shoes, so of course, I LOVE this card!!! TOO TOO CUTE!!!
good luck with ur new line of cards and another great illo
Yep, she is a snappy dresser - makes me want to go shoe shopping. Congratulations on your new card line, can't wait to see them in the stores :)
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