Today was another super busy day. I tried to get as much work done as I could. Then Paul's Aunt and Uncle came over, they were down from Ohio. So lots of cleaning and primping the house and food buying took up the afternoon. I had never met them before so it was so nice to meet them!

My sister in-law brought over our JDRF team T-shirts to wear to the walk tomorrow morning, we'll have to be up bright and early to leave the house around 7am. Which is super early for me, I'm not usually up and alert until 11am. I am already anticipating a delicious nap tomorrow afternoon, I just hope stress about how much work I have to do doesn't get in the way of enjoying the walk , sometimes I wish my "work brain" had an off switch.

I was reading on Jen's blog today about Etsy. I am still so confused about Etsy and what you can and can't sell on there. I was reading in the forums and there seems to be quite a controversy over this new constitution they have implemented. hmmm. I don't know. Maybe I'll just sell things right from my web site. The only reason I wanted to be on Etsy was that people who might not find my work otherwise might find me there, but with all this hub-bub maybe it's more trouble than it's worth... any Etsy-ers out there have any thoughts?


Good Luck on the walk!
I know what you mean about the brain working overtime while you are trying to sleep or do other things!
About Etsy....I would email them and ask them to look at your work.
From what I have read, your work would be OK.
Claudine, in my humble opinion its difficult for us 'artists' to follow and adhere to too many RULES! ;-) And sadly, seems to be 'ruling' to the hilt from my understanding of their constitution.

I would think with your recognition you would do quite well on your own website - and of course you can never self-promote too much.

Another option and addition to your website would be an eBay Store featuring your work. Granted, there are fee's that will zap some of your profit --- but there is always a cost to doing business no matter what.

All of these options take time away from our 'creating' and I find that as the biggest challenge to online selling. There are endless photos to take, listings to post, emails to reply to, shipping to calculate. But, if you can get a system going and are good with time management it can all be to your advantage.

I would imagine (and perhaps worth looking into) there are qualified, trustworthy individuals you can hire as 'virtual assistants' who could handle all the aforementioned tasks -- and you can do what you do best...MAKE ART!

As you ponder this next aspect of your endeavor I hope you will continue to share your insights with us. I believe I speak for many fans of your work that you are a breathe of fresh air and give everyone a sense of 'knowing' you with your open and honest journaling. We appreciate and value your thoughts.

Best wishes in all your endeavors,
A little sidenote:
I was just talking with my daughter..and she told me that is actually getting back to its 'roots' -- when it began you could ONLY sell all handmade goods - no one was selling vintage patterns, or clothing -- or any kind of resale goods.

So, in defense of (because I am sure they are totally groovy people!) I understand their need for a constitution.

That being said (whew!) I still can't figure out if you could sell PRINTS of your originals. Hopefully the good chicks and dudes at etsy will clarify things for all the questioning, head-scratching artists! :)
Hi Claudine, good luck for your walk. I'm doing a 26 mile one in May in London for Breast cancer- 8 mile training walk today although the weather doesn't look too healthy.

I have an Etsy shop although I've let it slide a bit. However I am a big "buyer" over there. The top-selling seller was theblackapple last time they published the stats. She sells both original work and prints. In fact I buy quite a few prints from Etsy (think I'm at 4 or 5 at the moment) and I would definitely love to see you set up a shop over there. I think figuring out the shipping is the most complicated bit of the process but other than that it's quite straightforward. There's tonnes of stuff on the forums about how to set up a shop and what the fees are etc.
I sell on Etsy; and it seems to me that items have to be hand-made. The item is created by you. I don't think you can have a bunch of prints done at a print-house and then sell them. Same goes for cards. I see people selling prints on there, and I think they are printing them on their own archival inkjet printers, trimming them, and signing them. Same goes for photography. The prints are made at home on the printer. In that sense, it is not mass-produced at an offset printer. And of course, all hand-made crafted items fit the bill. Your Poppet sketches are the perfect item, for example, or any of your paintings. And you can offer "custom work" on there for your portraits. Offset-printed cards/prints, though, wouldn't work unless you printed them on your own, trimmed/folded them yourself, made the packaging, etc. Hope that helps!
I've got nothing about the Etsy thing for you-sorry. My advice to you about your "work brain" is, b/c I have trouble with this myself and have really started to implement this, stay in the moment you are in. You can never get it back and can't fully give to it and/or appreciate unless you're ALL there. Does that make sense? You can't do anything about the other stuff at that time anyhow, so just soak in where you are at.


Yes! You can sell digital prints of originals... here's what etsy says:

We encourage -- but do not require -- that all prints and digital art be listed as a limited edition, signed, dated and numbered by the artist and clearly described as such in the Item Listing and Tags. If you print the images yourself, the signed, dated, numbered limited edition suggestion still applies; please be honest and detailed about your printing methods.

To summarize: It is acceptable to sell professionally printed reproductions of your original artwork, if the orders are fulfilled by you and not the print house. To illustrate this process, an example: you create an original oil painting, you then have a professional print house make a limited number of Giclee prints of your image, the prints are delivered to you and you perhaps sign/date/number each one by hand..
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