all done!
The vet just called and Stan is all done with his surgery! He's waking up now and we can pick him up in a few hours.

Thank you for all your well wishes and good thoughts. I was in such a state worrying about him. Now I can relax and get some work done, I could not concentrate this morning at all!


Poor little boy - give him some cream when he get's home.
Stan looks all tangled up.

I think this was harder on Mom than on the patient! Give him lots of cuddles, they're the best medicine.
Stan is a big boy now. I am glad it is over now. I am sure he will be back to usual silly self before you know it.
He is so cute- no worse for wear! My little girl Chagall (a chihuhua)got her little stitches out today... no puppies for her:(
i love when you post their pictures. glad to read he is doing well
He's so cute! This reminds me of my friend that has 2 small boys. She had her cat neutered, and when she brought him home, she told the boys to be careful with him. They were shocked and horrified to see that his "seeds" were gone. And then they asked if they do that to people too. LOL...out of the mouths of babes!

Here's to Stanley doing great without his seeds...
Orange cats with yellow/orange eyes are the best cats in the world. . .I own one too! So glad Stan is okay. My orange cats name is Margie.
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