i'm on hgtv tomorrow
Just a quick reminder that I'll be on HGTV's Craft Lab tomorrow, Thursday Jan 11th, at 10am EST.

This is an episode that I just taped this September, I'll be demonstrating how to make your own Victorian Cone puppet out of a plastic oil funnel.

Watch for this funny part to see if I look like a dummy head -- at the beginning of the episode I show the crafters and Jen how to remove the tab from the funnel, so I say "it's really easy to remove the tab from the funnel" and then I struggle with it for like 5 minutes before it comes off!

In my defense I did have to hold my hand at a weird angle so the camera could see -- which made it hard to get a nice cut with the utility knife. When I do it at home or in class the tabs normally pop right off! I wonder if they will leave in that part or edit it out. I hope they edit it out. It makes me sweaty to even think about it. I think I'll watch with one hand over my eyes.

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you'll be great! wonderful and charming as always even if it's not perfect. i used to love doing TV and then have a midnight panic about details, but the editors are veeeeery good. will be there watching for sure!
Thanks for the reminder!! I'll be sure to watch.
Loved watching the show! Think I'll pick up some funnels today to try my hand at it too. How fun!
I caught it too. The tag thing was no big deal! :)
Cute "puppet", Claudine..I kept expecting you to say "They are POPPETS"...hehe..nice job..the tag thing was no biggie.
thanks everyone! I forgot it was on this morning, good thing I DVR'd it!
I was glad to see they edited the tab removal to make it look like i did it right the first time :) whew!
and yes, as expected, you were wonderful....beautiful, relaxed, yourself. no goof-ups anywhere and that project! congratulations, Claudine!
Claudine -

YOU were a pro! I see an Emmy in your future :)

So, when do you get your OWN show?

High Five comin' at ya!

thanks so much!!
I'd love to have my own show, that would be fun! maybe someday :)
It was awesome, can't wait to make one. So cute and you were perfect.
I loved that show i can't wait to do one with my daughter.Can you tell me what kind of glue you used there is so many gel mediums out there.Thank you for the insperation!:)
hi there!
i use GOLDENS REGULAR gel matte for all my gel medium stuff. love it!
Great idea about the wedding favors....must admit I was very proud to see my daughter on TV. We all stood around in the office and oohed and aahed.
What great timing to get DVR for cable. Just ordered it this week. What a treat to watch.

congrats claudine...
I thought I saw some of your work from HGTV a couple of months back...It was really fast during the HGTV commercial..and I just saw a glimpse of it (about 2 seconds) and I was like..."Hey...I know who did's claudine!!!" I was all happy :) Congrats again!
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